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Who We Are And What We Do | Money4Machines

Who We Are & What We Do

Money4Machines - What We Do

If you need cash quickly and don't want the uncertainty and risk that goes with using auction sites or advertising online or in papers, we are here to offer a fast, hassle free and cash rich solution.

Put in basic terms we work like this: when you get in touch with something to sell us, we will make an immediate cash offer to you if the item is on our database (if not, we will simply request a little more information and get back to you within 5 working hours). If you choose to accept the offer we can either send you an addressed padded envelope - or if it's really big you can just send it in yourself. We will then pay you as soon as the item is tested (standard turnaround is within 48 hours of receipt). We can either send cash via bank transfer or cheque.

You log in, we make an offer and if it's acceptable, you post and we pay you. It's as simple as that. You don't have to wait for an auction to finish or shoulder any of the risk of someone not paying you. There are no fees and you don't require historic feedback to sell to us. If you have any questions or issues you will be dealt with by a professional who will do all they can to help.

As most people are curious as to what happens once we've bought the item we feel some explanation is required. We are very reluctant to use the term 'recycle'. We hear this used across many sites and although it may be technically correct, to us it conjures the image of goods being melted down and made into new age soap holders or something else equally as environmentally friendly, which isn't what we do and isn't actually what our competitors are doing on almost all occasions.

We will use one of a selection of online and physical stores that we are affiliated with to find the item a new loving home. The reason we only take working machines in good condition is because we feel there are professional groups infinitely times more qualified in waste management who are far more suited to dealing with faulty goods that need to be broken down and 'properly' recycled.

Our Promise

We're very proud of what we do at Money4Machines so if you have any issues at all please contact us at If email is too impersonal then include your phone number and we will give you a call. We are happy to stand behind our company 100% and hope that our testimonials page and any customer feedback you hear tells the same story – if not we genuinely would like to hear from you.


Unlike auction sites we don’t charge a fee for selling your item, so the price you are quoted is what you'll get!



With our freepost service you can post your handset to us without paying anything at the post office. This is great for lower value handsets but please remember this is a non-insured service and we always recommend sending phones via a Royal Mail tracked service such as special delivery so you know the phone is insured whilst in transit.



We make all payments within 2 working days of receiving your handset, often sooner! Bank transfers are the easiest and quickest way for you to be paid and will be in your bank the day we confirm that payment has been sent!



You can choose to be paid via bank transfer, cheque or even PayPal. Payment by Bank transfer is the most popular choice due to the speed and convenience it offers. Cheques will take a couple of days to arrive and you will need to pop down to your bank to cash them in. PayPal will take a small fee for any payments.



We offer honest, competitive prices for phones and gadgets. We do not automatically mark anything down for normal wear and tear like some of our competitors. We even add a little bit extra if you have kept hold of the box and instructions for your item.



We offer even more money for brand new phones. So if you haven’t used your phone yet and want to sell it on, select the new option for even more money!