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Money4Machines (M4M) Affiliate program

If you are a website owner and your site is able to promote our products and service then you can apply to the Money4Machines Affiliate program to sell our products and services and earn money.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple process to drive your sites traffic to our Money4Machines recycling website and earn money by doing so. M4M offers you the opportunity to choose which of our products are best suited for promotion on your website. We offer a datafeed solution for both Mobile Devices and Non Mobile Devices(Tablets, iPods, Cameras, Laptops, etc..)

Contact us

If you have any questions feel free to email us;

Email us:

How do I earn Money?

Through the Money4Machines affiliate program you will earn commission for every order that is completed by trafficking visitors from your site to the Money4Machines recycling website.

Your traffic will be managed and monitored through a tracking system. If any of the traffic you drive to Money4Machines recycles a product to Money4Machines then you will see this track in your tracking account and a commission will be allocated.

This system is realtime. You will be able to see when a consumer is driven by your affiliate site to Money4Machines instantly and any transaction and click will show up in your tracking account.

When a sale/commission is made it is entered into the tracking solution with a 'Pending Comission’ status and that commission then has to be validated for it to be paid out on. Money4Machines operates a weekly approval program where they review all pending orders each week, an order is updated to an 'approved' status once it has been received and validated by Money4Machines. Any orders that have not been received within 30 days of order placement with be automatically 'rejected'

Affiliates are paid monthly on or around the 16th of each month. The payments are based on the date that the commission is validated. Any commissions validated between 1st and the end of the month will be paid out to affiliates on 16th of the next month.

How does it work?

  1. You get paid for driving qualified traffic to Money4Machines’s site

  2. Register to be an affiliate with Money4Machines, start now by emailing

  3. Choose which products you would like to promote on your website

  4. Generate sales and earn money

  5. In order to be a successful affiliate, it is important to optimise your campaigns on a regular basis. To be able to optimize your performance, you first need to understand how your campaigns are performing. Once logged into the affiliate network you can view a selection of reports.

Program Stats

Cookie Length 45 days
Earnings per hundred clicks (EPHC) £31.45
Conversion Ratio 14%
Rejected Percentage 17%


Default £3.00 N \ A 0 sales
Tier 1 £3.50 N \ A 200 sales
Tier 2 £3.80 N \ A 500 sales

Promotional Content

Product datafeed Yes
Banners No
Text Links Yes

How do I join?

  1. Email is via with information about you and your company, and why you feel that you would be suitable as a Money4Machines affiliate.
  2. We will review your application and respond with all relevant information.
  3. If you qualify implement our product feeds and promotional content and get going.