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10 Years of Apple's iPhone - What's Next?

Logo-Apple-iPhone (2)2007 was a magical and eventful year, the French TGV hit a top speed of 357mph, breaking the world record for a conventional train, the Phoenix space shuttle heads towards Mars and Avril Lavigne’s “Best Damn Thing “tops the album charts. 2007 of course saw the release of the first iPhone!

The original iPhone did not have all the things we take for granted with our smartphone now, no app store, no 3G, Siri, emoji or photo editing! But it was touchscreen and that was very exciting! It was essentially an iPod you could make calls from or occasionally load a web page if the Wi-Fi was strong enough but it was 2007 and that was also a very rare occurrence.

The iPhone 4 was Apple’s first major redesign, retina display was introduced and the antenna became internal. This however was not without problems, as users complained of call drops and a general lack of signal. The main issue with the antenna becoming internal was when holding the phone to their ear users were covering the antenna causing the call the drop. This prompted Steve Jobs to do an out of character reactionary press conference mainly telling people to “not hold it that way”.

The iPhone 4s did not see wholesale changes, however it was the last handset Apple would release during Steve Job’s lifetime. Without changing too much on the handset, Apple introduced everyone’s favourite personal assistant, Siri. The introduction of Siri saw every other brand react accordingly with Cortana, Alexa and Google assistant now all part of the gang.

Lightning struck when the Apple released its iPhone 5 series, it was the end of the 30-pin charging port. Finger print sensors were introduced with the iPhone 5s as Apple stepped up their handsets security, as people became more reliant on their handsets. And as with most releases Apple dipped their toe in the water, and if it wasn’t too cold, everyone would follow suit with finger print sensors now common practise with all handsets. The iPhone 5s was also the first handset to be available in gold.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was Apples first ever double release, this was Apple’s answers to the Android dominated Phablet range. It wasn’t all plain sailing for the new flagship phone, as many people complained that their brand-new phones were bending in their pockets! However, this didn’t hold Apple back, as they had their most successful year off the back of the iPhone 6.

It wasn’t until the iPhone 7 that we saw notable changes, Apple introduced new storage capacities, a click less home button and of course the infamous dropping of the headphone jack! The missing headphone jack may not have caused such a splash if the Air pod headphones weren’t delayed and ultimately released in much smaller numbers than needed.

It cannot be denied that in the last decade Apple has cemented itself as the super power of the smartphone industry. With the latest release scheduled for September we can only wait and see what Apple has in store for us next!