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Electronics Industry Chatter

  • Welcome the HTC One M9!

    Image ref. Android Central Image ref. Android Central

    We don't have all the details yet, but according to Android Central, this is the new HTC ONE M9!!

    For more coverage, head to Android Central - they've got a brilliant live blog straight from Mobile Word Congress!

    We'll keep you posted too!

  • LG announce Urbane smartwatch (sounds fancy!)


    Image ref. LG Image ref. LG

    One minute we're moaning because the only smart watch we've got is antically a Tamagotchi nailed to an old slap bracelet, and the next there are smart watches seemingly coming out of the ears of mobile developers!

    And LG just jumped onto the bandwagon waving the next in what is likely to be a long, long line of wearable tech. If it's not your thing, buckle up for the next five years because it's not going to be fun for you.

    LG announced  Watch Urbane, which combines the inner workings of the earlier G Watch R with a new, sleeker look. Available in silver and gold with a thinner bezel and more luxurious look than its predecessor, LG have also increased the watch's battery life A LOT, with the new model hitting 710mAh, compared to a laughable 300-400mAh on all other Android Wear models.

    We're not sure about the whole smartwatch thing, but the Urbane is actually incredible to look at. It looks like a watch, not a Kinder Egg toy, and for that we're on side!

    And not to be outdone, Huawei also announced a stunning new smartwatch - the Huawei Watch.

  • New HTC One M9 to be revealed on 1st March (that's right after this weekend!)

    Wonderful leaked image of the HTC One M9 from nowhere Wonderful leaked image of the HTC One M9 from nowhere

    There's nothing like the smell of a hotly awaited device in the air! 

    And with Mobile World Congress approaching, there are intoxicating wafts of HTC One M9 on the breeze!

    Feeling poetic yet? You should be! The latest incarnation of the flagship HTC handset is definitely going to see the light of day at MWC. Invites went out on 16th January confirming new releases and inviting the cream of the gadget industry to this years event.

    We reckon  the HTC One M9 will be pretty similar to the M8 in terms of style -  similar aluminium body shaped to fit into your hand. BoomSound speakers to the front or maybe via a front slit speaker, rather than the microdrilled grille. Why? Well even a slight change in this direction could make the HTC One M9 a tad smaller than the M8.

    Leaked images claiming to be the HTC One M9 (see above!) suggest our prediction is spot-on. We've sourced this image from a bunch of websites, leading us to believe it's at least a bit credible if it's got the folks at Pocket-Lint drooling!

    We weren't invited to MWC 2015, so we'll keep you posted on 1st March and put the first images of the HTC One M9 right here on the blog!

  • Would you hire a balloon animal-making robot instead of a clown?

    Image ref. Gizmodo UK Image ref. Gizmodo UK

    Clowns are scary. Robots will rise up and destroy humanity. We just can't win in these circumstances. 

    But sticking to the bright side, which would you prefer at your kid's birthday party making balloon animals - clown or robot?

    RE2 Robotics recently announced Continue reading →

  • BT to buy EE for £12.5billion

    BTLondon-based multinational giant, BT, has announced its purchase of  Orange/Deutsche Telecom-owned mobile service provider EE for £12.5billion. 

    The sale raises BT to form a communications behemoth covering fixed-line phones, broadband, mobile and TV. The deal will treble BT's retail customers and put the firm at the helm of the market.

    Within hours of the announcement, stock market shares in BT rose 4.5% to the highest levels since 2001.

    But competitors aren't keen on BT's large stake in the market. Talktalk and Vodafone have both called for ombudsmen to step in and force BT to sell off the Openreach project, which allows other service providers to access BT's network. Continue reading →

  • Spotify cancels Russian launch

    Image ref. Reuters UK Image ref. Reuters UK

    We may have lost Taylor Swift from Spotify playlists, but to be honest that's only made it a best service. And it's a service Russian music fans will have to wait for a little longer than anticipated.

    According to Reuters UK, the economic crisis, political situation and new Internet laws in Russia have contributed to Spotify bigwig and former Google exec, Alexander Kubaneishvili, pulling the plug on the Russian release date.

    In a separate twist, Alexander Kubaneishvili also announced his imminent departure from Spotify.  Continue reading →

  • CES 2015 comes to a close in Las Vegas

    Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 22.46.43CES (Consumer Electronics Show) came to an end in Las Vegas today, and what a cracking few days it's been! 

    We've seen plenty of weirdo stuff, but we've also reached a point in tech innovation where some of there bizarro bit of tech we see at shows like CES actually turn out to be life-altering bits of genius!

    The Internet of Things is what many gadget developers are focussing on at the moment. In laymen's terms, loads of clever people are making gadgets that interact with your life digitally, e.g. fridges you can control with your smartphone (because.... um.... well, we're not sure why exactly), toothbrushes that monitor how well you're cleaning your teeth, and jewellery that looks normal (i.e. is not designed as something from Star Trek!) but has a thoughtfully designed feature - a light or sound - that tells you when you have notifications from your smartphone.

    It's kind of a bit 'Inspector Gadget'. We love it.

    For more on the fun stuff we saw at CES, head to BBC Tech.
  • Is Telefonika about to sell O2?

    O2 LogoTelefonica bought O2 in 2006 and has said the UK business remains a central part of the umbrella company. But it has not ruled out asset sales to meet a year-end debt target of below £34.37 billion. 

    Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Barcelona, Telefonika chief operating officer, Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete said, 

    "We will need to evaluate our options. In the landscape as it stands today we are in good shape. But the position taken by BT when and if it launches in mobile will be a key event."

    He was talking about the possibility the firm could sell O2 if the market moves towards bundling fixed and mobile services and of the imminent return of O2's original owners, BT.

    For more info, head to Reuters UK.


  • Samsung Electronics expects slow in African market growth

    SamsungSamsung Electronics enjoyed a bumper year in the African market, but recent murmurs from the Korean firm say they expect growth to fall sharply in the coming year as the force of global economic downturns arrives in Africa. 

    Growth of around 60% has seen Samsung seeing phones, TVs, fridges and everything else in their electronics arsenal to a blossoming market. But much of the 5% national growth that may have paid for such luxuries is set to fall this year, thanks to fact that much of this 5% has been on the back of infrastructure investment set to end imminently.

    For more info, head to Reuters UK.


  • Met Office confirms new supercomputer to improve forecasting

    Image ref. BBC Image ref. BBC

    The Met Office has confirmed a new £97million supercomputer will be built in Exeter in 2015.

    (We wrote 'new' as if there's some kind of secondhand market for £97million supercomputers....)

    So, what real difference will this meteorological behemoth make to us on cold November mornings and when planning summer barbecues?

    According to designers, the new facility will improve predictions THIRTEEN TIMES OVER, allowing the Met Office to release hourly forecasts with a resolution of 1.5km. Some areas will be forecast to a resolution of 300m, including airports in need of accurate wind speeds, snow shower predictions and fog warnings.

    Met Office chief executive Rob Varley said, 

    "It will allow us to add more precision, more detail, more accuracy to our forecasts on all time scales for tomorrow, for the next day, next week, next month and even the next century."

    Head to BBC Tech for more on this story.

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