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FIFA World Cup 2018 Apps and Games

With the World Cup in full swing, no better place to start than the official FIFA World Cup app. With this app you can access in depth post and pre-match analysis, interviews and stay up to date with all the news during the tournament. Most importantly with this app you can stream live games and relive key moments of every match. With this app you won’t have to miss any of the action!

Every Football fan enjoyed collecting and trading football stickers as a child (or still collects them as a grown up). This year you will be able to collect and trade Panini stickers on the go. With the Panini Digital Sticker Album, you can collect and trade virtual cards and capture a bit of nostalgia without being judged by the news agent when buying fistfuls of sticker packs. There are prizes to be won along the way and according to the FIFA website there are currently 5.4 million users!

If you’re looking for a more casual game, then the New World Cup Football Quiz is the one for you. Players are presented with pictures of 400 players at the World Cup and you have to name the players. Some will be easy household names like Harry Kane and Ronaldo, others will challenge even football fanatics knowledge. Think you know your footballers? Give this game a go.

OneFootball is a free to download and customisable app which will allow you stay on top of all the news, scores and interviews coming out of the World Cup. With customisation you will be able to access highlights, match stats and news from your favourite teams and players first.
As good as these Apps and games are, nothing will ever come close to Baggio’s Magical Kicks. Effortlessly curl free kicks into the top corner using the Italian’s wand of a left foot. After each attempt Roberto Baggio will appear with a smile on his face and say…. absolutely nothing.

Whether you’re a football fanatic or a casual fan these apps will help you stay on top of all things football during this year’s World Cup. And if you have a spare half an hour try to master Baggio’s Magical Kicks. Little tip – curve is key.

Enjoy the football – from all of us here at Money4Machines.