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First Impressions Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung_Logo.svgThis is Samsung’s first release since the S7 exploded onto the market in 2016. This is an incredibly important time for Samsung, as they attempt to re build the bridges with customers that were burnt by the issues with the S7.

We are going to look at what Samsung have done differently this time around with the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is an incredible looking phone and sees the introduction of the infinity display, Samsung have done away with the bezel and managed to squeeze more screen onto a regular sized handset. The transition from screen to the mirror-like back panel is almost seamless, and creates an extremely sleek looking handset. The S8 is available with a 5.2-inch display or a 6.2 inch if you prefer to go all out for a phablet.

To create enough space for all this extra screen, Samsung has done away with the home button and installed a virtual home button. Using similar technology to Apple’s force touch, simply press down where the home button would be and this will take you back to the home screen.

If there is no home button, then how can I unlock my phone using my fingerprint? Fear not the fingerprint sensor is now located on the back of the handset next to the camera lens. However, this may prove to be problematic if you happen to be left handed as your hand will already be covering the sensor. Not only can you unlock the phone using a pattern or fingerprint sensor, with the S8 you can now use the instantaneous facial recognition. This setting is so fast you will not even notice the phone unlocking, and with the fingerprint scanner now on the back casing this may be the most efficient way to unlock the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also gives Samsung users their first opportunity to meet BIXBY. This is Samsung’s first step into the virtual assistant world, simply press the Bixby dedicated button on the side of the handset to wake up your new personal assistant. By talking to Bixby you can search the web, cast videos onto your smart T.V and set personal reminders.

Samsung are hoping this latest release will be the hottest property on the market for much different reasons than the Galaxy S7. First impressions are looking promising, infinity display and virtual home button play a huge part in the S8’s futuristic feel. Now only time will tell if users enjoy facial recognition and Bixby moving into their phone.