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Looking to learn a new language?

4954719152_e06d1ffdb2_bWhether you are learning a new language from scratch, revising your grammar or looking for some helpful phrases for your holiday you can guarantee there is an app for it. Here are a few of the best apps which make learning a new language fun for all levels of ability.

Duolingo is one of the most popular language apps, it is free to use and covers a wide range of subjects. After downloading the app, you will take a short test of your chosen language to find out which level of the app you should begin with. The app will then teach and test your skills by giving you speaking, listening and writing challenges. All levels are set out in bite size chunks which take around 10-15 minutes to complete. This may not be the best app if you are looking to improve your conversational skills but it will have you more than prepared for getting by in a restaurant on holiday.

If you are looking to expand your vocabulary then Memrise is the app for you. This app sets the lessons up in a fun and unique way, the lessons are presented as a game where the learner is sent to a strange and foreign planet as a spy and collects points by giving correct answers. In this app you will have to memorise key words and phrases and repeat them during the intervals. Just like with Duolingo you will also have to listen to short audio clips and translate them back into your base language. Memrise has over 100 language you can choose to learn and is a fun way to build your vocabulary.

You have now mastered the basics and want to expand your knowledge beyond simple words and phrases. The best way to do that is to speak to native speakers, Tandem gives you the opportunity to meet new people and share your language skills with native speakers. You can help one and other improve your language by using text, audio and video chat features, Tandem moderates your account before it goes live so they can match you up with people who shares your interests. Looking to take your language to the next level and help someone else out on their language journey? Then Tandem is certainly worth a go.

Whether you are starting out or re kindling your interest in a foreign language these apps will help you on your way to becoming fluent in whatever language you desire. Ciao!