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Mobile World Congress 2017

It’s that time of the year again, the big players in the technology world have congregated together in Barcelona to showcase what they have in store for us in 2017.

There is only one place to start, rumours have been circulating… finally it has been confirmed at MWC that Nokia are re-launching the 3310! Complete the most important application of all time,
snake. 17 years after the original release of the famed indestructible phone, Nokia have decided to bring back the nostalgia inspiring device. The re vamped model will include a 2.4-inch colour screen, Bluetooth, FM radio and of course Snake. The 3310 will have a reported 22-hour talk – time and an unfathomable month long battery life! The new Nokia will be available to purchase in the summer of 2017 and is expected to retail around £40.

Sony unveiled its new flagship handset the XZ Premium, there are two aspects to this handset that truly set it apart from the pack. The first being the display, the XZ Premium will be the first handset to have a 4K HDR display, this means that the latest Sony will more than likely have a higher resolution display than the television in your living room. Sony have also partnered up with Amazon prime to secure stream capabilities to their 5.5 inch 4K displays. If your fan of catching up on your favourite programmes on your commute, or watching sport whilst your other halve has control of the T.V the XZ could certainly be the phone for you.

The second exciting thing about the new Premium is the super slow motion camera and video capabilities. Doesn’t sound like anything new? The majority of slow motion technology currently on the market functions at 240Fps, whereas the XZ boasts an outstanding 960Fps, completely blowing its competition out of the water. To create such impressive speeds Sony have installed the latest technology called “Motion Eye” where memory is stored within the sensor chip enabling a much faster scan speed.

Mobile World Congress also saw the unveiling of the world’s first self-drive electric car. Named Roborace and powered by a Nvidia Drive PX2 brain, Roborace is supposedly capable of performing 24 trillion AI operations per second. Consisting of 18 ultrasonic sensors, 6 AI cameras and GNSS positioning Roborace can learn its 360 degree surroundings and can produce speeds of up to 199mph! Roborace may not have been designed with every day use in mind, however it is certainly a look into the futuristic capabilities of cars.

Enjoy the week from us here at Money4Machines!