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Money4Machines Blog

  • Technology for Valentine’s Day 2017

    January is over! Celebrate the end of dry January or Veganuary! Whether you successfully gave up your favourite treats, or gave up on your resolution the end of the longest month of the year is cause for celebration. Or is it? Now January is over and the Valentine’s day stress is upon us, the rush to find the perfect gift, book a romantic restaurant, buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Fear not the digital age is here to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s day for your significant other without the stress.Valentines Technology

    Planning on cooking a romantic meal at home but don’t fancy yourself as a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen? The Mindful Chef will deliver a personal planned box of fresh ingredients and meal plan straight to your door from their west country based farm. Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian The Mindful Chef have you covered. And all their recipes are completely gluten free!

    So, whipping up fine dining in your kitchen isn’t for your and the big day is fast approaching, how will you find a table?!? The Open Table app will use your GPS location to show your local restaurants will open tables and enable you to snap them up without even having to call. Collect points every time you book through Open Table and reap the rewards on your next booking.

    Table booked/food ordered and on its way, time to sort out the all-important flowers. Timing of getting the flowers home and into the house without being spotted can be an impossible job. Bloom and Wild is a handy app on which you can order the perfect flowers. Not only are they delivered to your door they arrive in a specially designed box that fits through your letter box!

    Time for the final piece of the puzzle, the card. If your struggling to find your William Wordsworth romanticism, then the Love Poems apps is here to help. This Android exclusive app has a gallery of poems ready for you to pick your favourite and put in a card for that special someone. No more time to be wasted in the loitering in the card aisle searching through hundreds of cards.

    That’s it! The complete Valentine’s day planned and ready to execute using only your smartphone! We hope you have found these apps helpful and from everyone from Money4Machines, Happy Valentine’s day!

  • Technology for 2017 – What Does The Future Hold?

    With 2016 well and truly in the rear-view mirror, we are going to have a look at what exciting technology 2017 may have in store for us.

    technology in the classroom First, who will win the battle for reality based gaming, augmented reality or virtual reality? The key difference between the two is the situation the technology creates. Augmented reality enables the user to interact with created images in their real-world surroundings, the flagship game for this technology currently being Pokémon Go.

    Whereas virtual reality is a fully immersive computer based technology, that can transport the user into completely different environments and even dimensions! With virtual reality, the user is not limited to the reality in front of them or on their mobile phone screen, you can fully immerse yourself with the new 3D surrounding you find yourself in. Augmented reality has certainly taken an early lead over VR after the release of Google Glass, however VR has certainly come a long way since its infancy in the 1990’s, and it remains to be seen which technology will have more commercial success.

    Do you hate doing the washing? Well the Laundroid could be the answer your looking for! Inspired by “2001 Space Odyssey” this space like invention has been in production for 10 years and is due to be released in March of 2017. Laundroid will not only wash and dry your clothes for you, it will also de-wrinkle, fold and neatly arrange them into clothes types! Simply put your laundry into the bottom compartment of the machine and Laundroid will do the rest, however this ultimate luxury will not come cheap, with prices ranging between $700- $800 after initial release.

    This machine is not to be used if you are looking to quickly wash a shirt before an important meeting, with the estimated time currently sitting at around 10 minutes to de-wrinkle and fold each item. Shin Sakane (inventor) stating that the time is taken for the central server to communicate with the Wi-Fi signal and then recognise each item. Even so this item is certainly revolutionary and one to keep an eye out for.

    People talking to loudly on the phone at work or on public transport has always been a problem and can be very annoying. The Hushme is a Bluetooth device that sits on over the top of your head like a pair of headphones, and then comes down and covers your mouth like a human muzzle. The Hushme connects to the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth enabling the user to easily take calls, the covering of the mouth mutes the user’s speech helping them both have a private conversation and for their colleagues or fellow train users to not be bothered by their chatter. Whilst not hearing everyone else’s conversation, the Hushme will also make all your colleagues look a bit like Darth Vadar which can brighten any day in the office.

    Happy Friday from all of us at Money4Machines!

  • Best Christmas Technology Ideas 2016!

    christmas-1755104_960_7202016 has been an eventful year to say the least, unexpected and colossal changes to the political landscape, unlikely Premier League champions and grown men chasing imaginary Pokémon around the streets. But this eventful year is coming to an end, with just the small matter of Christmas between us and New Year celebrations.

    With the big day just around the corner we are going to take a look at a few last minute stocking fillers for the tech lovers in your life. If the Christmas break for you means time spent keeping warm and watching your favourite television programmes, then the Amazon Fire Stick is definitely for you. Simply plug into the HDMI port of your TV, connect to Wi-Fi and say hello to thousands of programmes from both sides of the pond and beyond, this little device takes binge watching to a whole new level!

    Amazon has also given you the opportunity to add another voice activated robotic helper into your life. The voice inside of the Amazon Echo is Alexa, and she is here to help you with nearly anything you can imagine around the house… apart from the washing up. Alexa can help you entertain your friends by playing music, reading audiobooks or by answering any question that comes to mind. The Amazon Echo is compatible with devices such as Hive, Hue and WeMo so you can control your lighting and heating all by using your voice.

    Looking for something a bit different to add to your office either at work or at home? How about the wireless fully bamboo keyboard and mouse from Sengu? This keyboard is made from 100% ethically sourced bamboo. The grain on the keyboard absorbs the ultra-violet light and is anti-radiation. The gloss finish does not only add to the aesthetics of the keyboard but also makes it easy to clean and keeps the keyboard feeling fresh.

    Vintage vinyl has been making a massive comeback in the past two years or so, in fact for the first time in the UK vinyl out sold its digital counterparts. It’s easy to see why with vinyl making the perfect present for cool Dads and hipsters alike. If your either dusting off the old vinyl collection in the loft or starting a new collection you will need something to play it on. The ION audio max could be exactly what you are looking for. It is lightweight and compact making it very easy transport and set up. The wooden finish and belt drive gives the ION audio the vintage feel and look which most nostalgia seeking vinyl collectors enjoy. This turntable also has a modern aspect, simply connect to your computer using the USB port to convert your favourite records to digital audio files.

    We hope you got a few good ideas for gives either to give or to sneakily add to your own Christmas list for Father Christmas. From everyone at Money4Machines have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Black Friday - What have you got your eye on?

    It’s nearly that time of year again, the time of the year where bargain hunting shoppers limber up and get their elbows in to secure the best Christmas deals. It is the return of every shoppers favourite Americanism, Black Friday.

    Black Friday originally used as a term to describe to the stock Black Fridaymarket crash of 1969 caused by the cost of Gold rapidly decreasing, then coined as the name of the biggest discount shopping day in America which falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, it now appears to be in the UK to stay. If getting down to the shops and tussling with the public to get a deal doesn’t appeal to you, you can stay at home and take advantage of the online deals that extend over the weekend and into Cyber Monday.

    Black Friday has gained more traction with UK shoppers as the years have gone on. In 2015 Black Friday sales reported around £3 billion was spent over the entire weekend! Which is a massive increase on the reported £810 million spent in 2014. Cyber Monday has also been a huge success since starting on these shores. Online traffic was boosted by over 60% compared to a normal day, and shoppers spent around £960 million! 2015’s Cyber Monday was the biggest and busiest online shopping day ever in the UK, Amazon reported they alone sold more than 7.4million items!

    We have all done it before, add a few items to your online basket, get to the checkout only to get buyer’s remorse before you have even paid for it. So, you just close the window and abandon the purchase and pretend like nothing happened. The average abandonment rate throughout 2015 was as high 85%, this may be due to shopper either having second thoughts or simply waiting and looking around for a better deal. During both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the abandonment rate fell to between 71 and 75%, this may in part be due to some online retailer including how many of a certain item they have in stock causing buyers to panic about missing out on a bargain and going straight through with the purchase.

    Even though another busy weekend of sales is expected there are some retailers that have chosen not to take part. High street retailers such as Ikea, Asda and Next have ruled themselves out of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year!

    Whether you are staying warm and shopping online or taking to the streets to battle the crowd we wish you all an enjoyable Black Friday weekend, happy shopping!

  • Halloween Apps


    With Halloween just around the corner here is a list of a few apps that will help Halloween lovers young and old get into the spooky spirit.

    Pumpkin Carver Pro – Are you a fan of the more traditional side of Halloween? Want to carve a pumpkins but don’t want to deal with the mess it will inevitably create? Pumpkins Carver is a fun and interactive app perfect for little ones to get the enjoyment out of carving a pumpkin without risking your carpet. Or maybe you want to have a practise run of a design you have in your head before taking the plunge and diving straight into the real thing. This app allows you to choose your pumpkins and pick from a variety of tools so you bring your carving ideas to life.

    Ghost Observer – If you are into the more supernatural side of HalloweenHalloween and fancy giving yourself a real fright then the Ghost Observer app is really for you. This uses what is described as advanced technology to locate and communicate with the paranormal beings around you. This app won’t just help you locate what goes bump in the night but also enable you to communicate with the spirits using the Spirit Translator. Once you have located the spirit using the radar you can capture these ghostly beings on film.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s – You have been hired as the night security guard at Freddy Farbears’s Pizza. Your main responsibility is to guard the animatronic bears that are the main attraction to the restaurant. However these robotic bear’s behaviour has become somewhat erratic and they have a tendency to wonder off amongst other things! Using the limited amount of electricity allowed by the money anxious boss you must protect yourself from the crazed bears and make sure everything is how the boss left it in the morning. Can you survive the night at Freddy’s?

    Zombie Run – This immersive app will help you get motivated for the 10k you’ve been training for, or help you get out and exercise. Zombie run is a training app with a terrifying edge, soon as you step out the door you will begin to hear the guttural growling of the undead. Through your run the adventure side of the app will keep you immersed in the reality of the impending Zombie apocalypse, collecting supplies along your way to make your base into an impenetrable strong hold and medicines and food to prevent the human race from extinction. With this app you can also create heart pounding playlists from your own music collection to help you avoid the clutches of the blood lusting zombies. Zombie run put you at the forefront of your very own zombie adventure and helps put the fun back into running.

    We hope this entry hasn’t been too frightening for you and has helped get you in the mood for a haunting Halloween. Happy Halloween from Money4Machines.

  • 90’s Kids Will Remember - Vintage Technology

    Technology is advancing at a rapid pace these days, innovative inventions and advancements around every corner. As consumers we are expecting more and more from our gadgets that we carry around in our pockets every day. But there was a time when our “portable” gadgets were too large to fit into our ripped jean pockets, and all of our school work was stored on a floppy disk. This magical time was the 1990’s and we are going to take a look back at some of the technology you may have forgotten about.

    talkboyLate 1992 saw the release of Home Alone 2, this highly popular film led children to pester their parents for Macaulay Culkin’s favourite toy. The Talkboy Radio was an oddly shaped tape recorder that had only two features. However the ability to slow down and speed up voice recordings kept many children entertained throughout 1993. Well before the days of downloaded music at the touch of a screen or the ability to store every song you’ve ever heard of on an iPod there was the Sony Discman. Sony actually released the Discman in the mid 1980’s, however the hefty price tag of the player and CDs themselves meant it did not appeal to the masses until the 1990s. A key feature of the Discman was its anti-skip, however this did not work as the Discman would skip on nearly every bump in the road or if you were walking too quickly! Despite this slightly annoying tendency, it didn’t stop us from loving the Discman and it was a 1990’s must have.

    1996 saw the release of one of the biggest fads to hit the decade. Everybody had one. The Tamagotchi was everywhere! This pocket pet was immensely popular, a reported 76 million have been sold since its release! However it was not all fun and games, Monday morning was a stressful time for Tamagotchi owners. With most school teachers banning them from classrooms, it would mean a nervous day at school hoping your Tamagotchi could last the day without being fed! All those hour of caring for your Japanese pet would be in vein, if left unfed the Tamagotchi would die of malnutrition! A very real struggle for the 90s school child.

    Also released in 1996 was a businessman’s best friend. Before being able to store all of the contacts and e-mails on your phone, the businessman’s go to gadget was the Palm Pilot 100. The Palm Pilot could store an impressive 500 contacts and sync with PC’s and Mac computers. The handwriting recognition was also a key factor in the Palm Pilots success, after 18 months of release the Palm Pilot 100 had already sold of 1 million units. However after this initial success, the device was slowly phased out with the increasing popularity of mobile phones.

    We hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane and next time you are looking down at your smartphone spare a thought for the forgotten age of gadgets.

  • Apple Release the iPhone 7 - The M4M Summary

    Last night saw the launch of the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in apple iphone 7San Francisco. Although the overall appearance of the phone will look the same as the 6s there are some noticeable upgrades.

    Before we get into what Apple has upgraded for the new model, first we are going to take a moment to recognise what they have dropped from the previous models. First of all the iPhone 7 will not be available with 16GB storage capacity, the new product line with start with a minimum capacity of 32GB. I’m sure most users will not be sad to see the end of the 16GB range as it has become easier and easier to fill 16GB of memory.

    The most notable difference is the much rumoured absence of a headphone jack. Gone are the days where you will drop your iPhone and close your eyes expecting to here is smash into the pavement, only to look down and it see clinging onto life at the end of your headphones. Instead of the traditional headphone connection you will receive the new lightening EarPods which connect to the phone through the headphone jack. The new design will also see the release of the wireless Apple AirPods. Using infrared sensor, the headphones will be able to detect when they are in your ear and detect your voice for use of Siri and phone calls. However these innovative headphone will not come cheap, they will be available for £159 from the 16th September.

    The iPhone 7 is also introducing a pressure sensitive home button. This is the first time Apple have used this technology on a phone, however it is already in use on the later Macbooks. The new home button will use a vibration feedback system to notify the user when in use.

    With this latest release Apple appears to have listened to the customer with that to improve upon. Two of the most important things to users are battery life and quality of pictures and videos. The new camera has 12MP sensor and can allow up to 50% more light into the lens, this will increase the quality of images and videos taken in low light settings. The video recorder has also been upgraded, it now has 4K capabilities and also allows the user to edit live recordings. Apple have taken into consideration the fairly poor battery life of previous models. They claim the iPhone 7 will last up to 2 hours longer than the 6s, which will be an average of around 14 hours battery life when using WiFi.

    When Apple released the iPhone 6s they introduced the Rose Gold model into the range. This quickly became the most popular colour for people buying their new handsets, Apple will certainly be hoping that Piano Black can be the new Rose Gold.

    If you are looking to upgrade, don't forget to recycle your old phone with M4M.

  • Back To School!

    The summer holidays are Back to Schoolsadly drawing to a close for many students, which means it is time to start thinking about back to school. Or if you are one of the many students who has been celebrating their GCSE or A level results it is time to prepare for your new challenges that lay ahead.

    With this in mind we are going to take a look at some back to school apps that will help you as you prepare to return to school. One of the first hurdles to overcome is getting used to getting out of bed again! Alarm Clock Plus is a completely customisable alarm clock which allows you to set up exactly what you need to get you up and ready to go. Weather this is a steadily increasing alarm volume, bright flashing lights or even a maths problem to solve before being able to stop the alarm, Alarm Clock Plus has it all.

    Now you are up and out of bed its time you sort out lunch for the day. This app is perfect for parents helping their little ones organise balanced lunchbox plans for the week. This app will also turn the lunch plan into a shopping list for the following week if supplies are running a bit low in the kitchen.

    It is a tried and tested revision tactic, turn your vast amount of notes into flashcards with key points and facts on them. However this can lead to complete disaster when you lose the important flashcards with the answers on them! Flashcard + is an innovative app for iOS only, this app does have premade flashcard templates however you can personalise them for your revision and studying needs. Flashcard + is available in 22 languages which is extremely helpful for language students!

    For students leaving the routine of school life and going on to college or university, classes and subjects are no longer the only challenge. Getting used to student life can throw its own challenges into your path. The adeptly named “My Study Life” is a personal assistant that lives in your phones and can help you plan your busy week. This app allows you not only to schedule your week but also access assignments and exams whilst away from the classroom. You can also setup notifications so your pocket personal assistant can remind you of where you need to be and at what time.

    Whatever new challenges lay ahead, whether it is going into 6th form or starting University good luck from everyone at Money4Machines! And congratulations on your exam results!

  • Technology at the Olympics

    With the Rio Olympics in full flow we are going to take a look at Olympics Blogsome of the innovative technology that is helping to change and enhance the oldest sporting competition.

    The 2016 Olympic Games will see the introduction of both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball teams being able to challenge the referee’s decisions. In a sport of fine margins every point matters, if a team does not agree with a decision they must turn to the referee and make a “C” with their fingers to initiate the challenge. The second referee will then review the footage whilst the teams and the crowd watch the slow motion replays on the big screen with bated breath to find the outcome of the challenge.

    In long distance swimming events it is key to time your final push for the finish, go too early and you may run out of steam before the end. Leave it too late and you could have left yourself too much to do to achieve a podium finish. With that in mind it is absolutely essential that athletes do not lose count of how many laps they have completed. Rio 2016 is debuting a digital lap counter which sits on the bottom of the pool and updates as soon as the swimmers touch the digital touchpad at each turn. You will see these innovative devices used in the 800m and 1500m events, allowing the athletes to solely concentrate their energies on the race.

    Archery is another event which is taking some of the pressures/judgment away from officials. The classic paper target of a much more sophisticated high-tech sensor. The new target is able to record scores within 0.2mm of where the arrow lands and display on the scoreboard in 1 second. To add to the spectator’s experience, fans will also be able to track the athlete’s heart rate to see how they are coping with the added pressures of the Olympics.

    It’s fair to say that technology has come a long way at the Olympic Games even since London 2012. It hard to say what future tech will be introduced to the games but it seems it will be become an increasingly referee less event. Some athletes may maintain that is for the best! With the added technology and around the clock coverage the Olympics is more spectator friendly than it has ever been, who’s to say we won’t soon be able to experience what it is like to be lining up for the 100m final in years to come with the development on virtual reality?

    From everyone at Money4Machines enjoy what remains of what has already been a spectacular Olympics!

  • Pokémon Go Has reached New Ground

    I’m sure you have all noticed that the pavements and parks have been awash with people hunting for Pokémon. The virtual reality app has certainly taken the world by storm and allowed people of a certain age to re connect with an aspect of their childhood. In this blog we are going to take a look at some of the staggeringly impressive numbers the app has posted in the short time it has been available.

    BlogPokémon Go is becoming so popular it is shortly expected to surpass the ultra-popular original game series which sold an incredible 31 million worldwide! Although the app has registered almost unseen success in the UK and across the world, it is in America where it has enjoyed the most unrivaled success. In fact the day Pokémon Go was released it accounted for nearly half of the entire US game market, and took just 13 hours to reach the top of the highest grossing mobile app list. According to the app institute during peak activity there is 23 million active users at one time in the States, making it the most used app. EVER!

    Pokémon didn’t only take over the streets, it also took over social media, politics and perhaps the world! According to BBC statistics during the infamous first week of release there was nearly 16million tweets about Pokémon Go! To put that in context Brexit was tweeted about just under 12million times and the very mundane Euro 2016 was tweeted a mere 7 million times. It doesn’t matter which nation you were supporting or if you were leave or remain catching a Raichu is far more important.

    Catching all the Pokémon doesn’t come easy, if you want to become a true Poké master you will have to put in the hard yards. To hatch the likes of Electabuzz, Mr Mine or Onix you will have to walk a minimum of 10km. Or you can take the approach of the Brooklyn Businessman who simply paid an Uber driver to drive him around New York City in his quest to “Catch ‘em all!”

    Of course the nostalgia inspiring App has seen a massive resurgence for Nintendo. During Pokémon’s first weekend of sales, an incredible 11 billion dollars was added to Nintendo on the stock market. Its revenue is $1.6 million dollars per day in the United States alone! Apple are also expected to hatch big money from the app, they estimate an expected $3 billion will be made from in-app purchases over the next two years.

    Whether you are in experienced Poké master or just a casual collector of cute creatures, from everyone at Money4Machines happy Poké hunting.

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