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Money4Machines Blog

  • Top Selling Mobile Phones Ever!


    In a previous blog we listed the mPhone Blogost expensive and extravagant mobile phones on the market, however it may surprise you that majority of the phones on that list haven’t got the most impressive sales numbers.

    With that in mind we are going to take a look at the top selling mobile phones to hit the market to date. You may be surprised to see that an Apple phone does not make it into the top 5 most sold list. In fact the only non Nokia on the list in the Samsung E1100, this phone has a very impressive battery life of 13 days whilst on standby! A 13 day battery life in almost unimaginable with what we expect our smartphones to keep up with today. Released in 2009 the Samsung E110 had no camera and no internet browser but still managed to top 150 million unit sales!

    Also boasting an impressive battery life is number 4 on the list, the Nokia 1200. Released in 2007 the 1200 could stay on standby for around 390hours. Although it did not have Bluetooth, radio, GPS or an internet browser, the Nokia 1200 did have a very attractive green backlight which may have accounted for some of the 150 million sales.

    The Nokia 3210 may very well have been your first mobile phone, this classic was released in 1999 and also had sales that topped the 150 million mark. This phone allowed you to download monophonic ring tones and had possibly the most addictive game of snake built in.

    Just narrowly beaten to the top spot on our list is the Nokia 1110, released in 2005 this device helped ring in the age of polyphonic ringtones. The Nokia 110 also boated a 4 way stroll home key and animated screensavers. However with an internal memory of only 4mb it did not allow you much room to save your self-composed ringtones. Poor internal memory did hold this phone back when it came to sales, the Nokia 1110 sold a staggering 250 million units.

    At the top of the list if the Nokia 110, this device may not as well remembered as the 3210 or 3310 but the Nokia 110 is the most purchased mobile phone ever! This phone went on sale in 2003 but sadly is no more. But with sales of over 250 million this phone will be fondly remembered by those who bought it. The Nokia 110 was also the device that achieved Nokia its 1 billionth sale, which took place in 2005.

  • Cookery Corner

    Whether you are looking for some new recipes to spice up things in Cookery Cornerthe kitchen or you are looking for a new hobby to fill the long rainy days of summer, the apps we are about to look at with certainly help you along your way.


    Yummly Recipes & Shopping lists – This app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices, this app also allows the user to easily personalise the recipes they are looking for to fit any dietary needs. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, beginning the paleo diet or simply in the mood for an Italian this app has you covered.  If you find a recipe that you love and want to use again you can select the “Yum” button and this will save the recipe into your own digit recipe book. They say variety is the spice of life and with over 1 million recipes Yummly certainly offers variation.


    If you are now finished with your main course and you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth then the simple named Desert Recipes! Is the app for you. Desert Recipes advertises around 325 deserts conveniently split into categories so you can go straight to the sweet you are craving. With everything from fudge brownies to homemade ice cream the only problem is you may spend too much time looking at the pictures trying to decide what to make rather than actually making them. However if you do finally decide on something, this app also offer video tutorials to show you exactly what you need to do. This app is free for a limited time only so get it for free while you can!


    Mexican Food Recipes - If Mexican is what is on the menu then this app is right down your calle! This app offers recipes and instructions on classic Mexican meals such as Enchiladas, Fajitas and Quesadilla. This app will also show you how to make the perfect salsa or guacamole to accompany your South American meal. This app shows you exactly what you need to make your desired meal in a simple but detailed manner, offering shopping lists and photographs of the finished article. Think you have a better chilli recipe? With this app being all about asthenic Mexican flavours you can submit your own recipes to be published.


    With these few apps your well on your way to be being able to rustle up anything your heart desires and making your home less Hell’s Kitchen and more MasterChef! Happy Cooking!

  • Voucher Apps - Lets Get Saving!

    Penny PinchingWith nearly every outlet and shop offering its customers a points based reward system it appears our wallets are forever destined to be laden with loyalty cards. Which makes it more frustrating when the cashier asks “Do you have your loyalty card?” only for you to realise you have left it in the draw at home next to the other loyalty cards you own. With the app ‘Key Ring’ you will never have to carry a loyalty card again whilst still collecting the points in the store you desire, simply save the information from your cards to the App cloud and scan your phone at the checkout. You can also upload shopping lists and pictures to ensure you get exactly the product you are after or have been instructed to get.

    Wowcher - If you haven’t heard of Wowcher it is definitely worth the 7.77MB of storage on your phone. This free to download app offer great discounts on a range of items and activities, whether you are looking to take in a play in the Westend or you are searching for quick weekend getaway Wowcher has you covered. With daily updates this app offered between 50 - 80% discounts on shopping, travel and restaurant deals.

    Wedding Voucher Codes – Is your big day approaching? Wedding preparation stress? The wedding voucher app allows you to search for savings on wedding photographers, wedding cars, cakes, entertaining and the most importantly dresses. This app can help you prepare for the big day whilst saving you money in the process.

    Voucher of the Day – This free to download app does everything to title offers. Voucher of the day delivers a new voucher to you with up to 50% offered from high street and online store such as H&M and River Island. All the vouchers are valid for 24 Hours, you can set up a notification for when the new voucher is uploaded so you don’t miss out on a bargain!

    Voucher Codes : The game – This app makes you work for your discount, lead the Net Voucher Toad through 12 platform based levels to the checkout to collect your discount for stores such as Amazon and iTunes. Bounce the voucher toad along the platforms collecting shopping items, the more items you collect the bigger the points. The higher the points you collect the bigger the prize!

    These are a few apps to help you save money along your way, from everyone at Money4Machines happy savings!

  • Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

    Here is a look at some of the most outlandish and expensive

    Smartphone expensive Vertu's Cobra

    smartphones available on the market at the moment. These are phones you may never be interested in or lucky enough to be able to afford but sometimes it’s enjoyable to look at things a little out of our price range.

    If you happen to have a large fortune laying around and you are heavily invested in your iPhone 5 then the Black Diamond iPhone 5 is the phone for you. Created by Stuart Hughes this luxury version of the iPhone 5 is encrusted with black diamonds and can take up to 9 weeks to replace the body of the device with solid gold. Each handset is carefully crafted by hand. However those man hours will cost you as this phone is available at a staggering 15 million Dollars or 10 million Pounds! This hefty price tag makes takes this phone straight to the summit of the most of expensive phone list by quite some distance.

    If 15million Dollars is a tad out of your price range, available for a far more reasonable $130,000 is the stylish Uylsse-Nardin Chairman. This device includes 3,000 hand cut diamonds which decorate the front cover of the device. It takes up to 700 hours to cut the diamonds for each device. Interested in one? There is a 7month waiting list due to strenuous and time consuming task of making one of these phone.

    Due to Vertu’s collaboration with the French Jewellers Boucheron together they were able to design on the most unique looking phones on the market. Vertu’s Cobra insignia comprises of over 400 Rubies! This smartphone is priced as $310,000, price wise still well in the shadow of the Black Diamond iPhone, however in uniqueness of design and appearance this phone definitely stands alone.  The Vertu also consists of one white diamond and the eyes of the serpents are made of emerald stones. If you like the look of the phone but would like a ruby free version, they are available at the reduced price of £62,000.

    These are just a few of the most outlandish phones in both style and price, I wouldn’t expect to see any of these offered in your next upgrade package.

  • Summer Holiday Apps

    Spring is certainly in the air! Minus the occasional flurry of snowsummerdepending on where you are in the UK. With the sun starting to shine and the days getting longer, it’s time to start thinking about summer getaways and adventures. In this piece we are going to take a look at a few of the apps that can help take some of the stress or hassle away from your holiday and help you enjoy it as much as possible.

    Parlez-vous français? Hablas español? Travelling to a country without speaking the language can lead to awkward situations and embarrassing errors when ordering food.


    Have no fear with the Word Lens app you can instantly translate text using your phone camera. Simply hover over the text you would like to translate and the app will translate into your preferred language. This app is quick and easy to use with the added bonus of being able to work offline. Initially the app includes French, Spanish, English and Russian but additional language can be purchased if needed.


    For some the journey is just as important as the destination. Roadtrippers is a brilliant app which does not only help you plan your route to your destination but also informs you of hidden gems and points of interest along the way. The Roadtrippers app can help make a long car journey an interesting adventure, and with all the time spent stopping to take in the culture the app will also help you pin point the closest hotel to stop for the night.


    Trying to find the best deal on flights for your summer getaway can prove problematic. You can end up sprinting to terminal 99 to make your connecting flight or flying to New York via Johannesburg and Geneva. Routehappy is a free to download app that helps you decide on the easiest and most logical journey by scoring the routes with “Happiness” factors.  Routehappy will also rank the choices of route by the most important factor…the price!


    Every traveller’s nightmare is to arrive at their chosen hotel only to find it is located on the wrong side of the tracks! Or what was described as a central location is in fact a long and arduous journey into town or the beach. Hipmunk will help you decide on which hotel is best by rating them using; star ratings, amenities, value for money and customer reviews. Hipmunk’s colour coded heat map also helps you decide on the best place for a romantic evening meal or where the local hot spots are for a night on the town.

    From everyone at Money4Machines we would like to wish you a very happy summer and safe Travels!

  • Happy 90th Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

    On the 21st of April Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 90th QueenHappy Birthday Queen Elizabeth IIBirthday! An amazing achievement in itself, especially as 60 of those years have been at the helm of the United Kingdom and the commonwealth. She has witness some amazing and historically prominent events in her 90 years, but we are going to take a look at the evolution of technology which has taken place during her 9 decades.

    The roaring 20’s was an incredibly important decade, in 1922 the BBC was created. A Great British establishment we all know and love - perhaps the BBC wouldn’t have been so successfully if it was not for John Baird’s 1926 ground breaking invention “The Televisor”. His revolutionary invention worked like a radio with a rotating mechanism which created a small flickering image to accompany the sound.

    Fast forward to the 1950’s, widely considered as one of the more conservative decades, however some very important technology came to life in this decade. In this decade the modem, the microchip and the personal computer were invented. Can you imagine modern day life without these inventions? No smartphone, no internet and no laptops! Doesn’t bare thinking about.

    At 10:30pm on the 29th October 1969 Charlie Kline a student at UCLA in Stanford attempted to send the first message over the internet. He was attempting to send the message “login” over a system called ARPANET which was the precursor to the modern internet we have today. He got as far the letters L and O before the system crashed, which made the first message to ever be sent on the internet read “LO”. After quick reboot over about an hour or so he successfully sent the message “LOGIN”.

    In the December of 1975 an engineer at Eastman Kodak named Steven Sasson invented the world’s first digital camera. The camera weighted a very sturdy 8 pounds and recorded black and white images to a cassette tape at 0.01 megapixels, the first photograph took 23 seconds to be created. To view the images that had been recorded the data was read from the cassette tape and then displayed on a television set. Not quite as practical as the point and shoot instant cameras of today.

    1983 saw Apple Computer Inc. release the Apple Lisa, this was the first personal computer to include a graphic interface. It was initially aimed at business owners, however due to poor performance and a price of $9,990 the sales were very poor, only selling 100,000 units. With development of the Lisa beginning in 1978 it underwent many changes, and after suffering poor sales the final version of the Lisa was released under the new name Macintosh XL.

    Whilst witnessing all of these incredible inventions that have helped shaped the lives’ we lead today, the Queen has also certainly cemented herself as a very influential and important figure in British and World history. The Money4Machines Team would all like to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

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    It’s the time of year for Easter bunnies, Easter egg hunts and way, way too much Easter_Chick_12chocolate! But with the inevitability of a rain soaked Great British Bank Holiday, we are going to show you some of the best Easter themed apps you can enjoy with the family before crashing from a major sugar rush.

    Hidden Object: Easter Egg Hunt

    The hunt is on to find the most eggs on this multi levelled arcade style game. With several different methods of salvaging the hidden eggs you can decide on which method is best to discover the most and move through the levels the fastest. This varied app also offers a few different game play modes, varying from casual mode for a relaxing game, to challenge mode for those who enjoy the added incentive of a challenge and competition.

    Bunny Run

    The main objective of this 2D adventure game is to lead the oversized rabbit through the Farmer’s field collecting as many carrots as you can without being caught. Whilst trying to avoid capture by the Farmer you must jump over obstacles in your path to reach the rabbit’s home to celebrate Easter with his family. This game is simple, fast and surprisingly addictive.

    Doodle Jump Easter Special

    This Easter special of the already very popular Doodle Jump adds Easter themed objectives and monsters to the 25 unlockable platform based levels. Navigate the ever moving and disappearing platforms to make your way up the level collecting Easter Eggs and avoiding the cute looking but dangerous monsters. This game is very enjoyable and easy to play.

    Easter Egg Paint – Kids Game

    Eaten your fill of chocolate but want to keep the Easter festivities going? This virtual decoration game is a great way to avoid eating yet more sweets and keep Easter going from the comfort of the sofa. This simple drag and tap game is very child friendly and suitable for the whole family. Simply select your chosen egg (wait for it to virtually boil) and then decorate it however you wish from a wide range dyes, decorative patterns and glitters.

    Here are just a few of a whole range and variety of enjoyable Easter based apps available on both Android and iOS.

    From everyone at Money4Machines have a very Happy Easter.

  • Redefining the Watch with Wearable Technology.

    If your new watch doesn’t tell you how many flights of steps you’vefitbit climbed that day, what your resting heart rate is and who’s calling your phone – why did you buy it?

    Telling the time isn’t even necessary anymore if we’re being honest. Wearable technology seems to be the fresh new thing on the technology scene at the moment… Smart watches, virtual reality and fitness trackers are becoming more and more common in our shopping baskets with releases such as the Apple Watch, Google Cardboard and Fitbit. So what’s the hype with wearable technology and why is it the next new technology craze?

    There’s something spreading around my office at the moment and for once it’s not a cold – everyone suddenly has a Fitbit. Fitbit is a wearable technology brand at the forefront of the increasingly popular fitness trackers. The entire Fitbit range works by syncing the device via bluetooth to a smart phone, Android or IOS, the Fitbit app then collates your data from the device and shows you the results! The Fitbit app itself is great in that it helps build a fitness plan for you to achieve your goals. Simply enter your current weight and your ideal weight and the Fitbit creates a number of weight loss plans ranging in difficulties to suit you!

    The other benefit to the Fitbit app is the social aspect – you can connect with friends and even compete in challenges such as the Work Week Hustle and the Weekend Warrior to see who can rack up the highest amount of steps. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to motivate you to exercise more, or in my case, make you realise just how little you actually move.

    In terms of the Fitbit devices, from the Fitbit Zip at £49.99 to the Fitbit Surge at £199.99, there’s a Fitbit for all ranges of fitness fanatics.

    For those with a mild interest in fitness and want to become more aware of the number of steps they accumulate in a day and calories they burn, then the Fitbit Zip or the Fitbit One might be best suited. As you’d imagine the Fitbit Zip simply slips on to the end of a zip on an item of clothing (bit limiting as not all clothes have zips) and the Fitbit Clip simply clips on to what ever you’re wearing. These Fitbits are ideal for those who do casual exercise and just want to monitor their achievements.

    Arguably the most popular Fitbit is the Fitbit Flex – a rubber band that fits around your wrist with the capabilities to track steps, distance, calories burnt and even sleep patterns. Additionally, the Fitbit Flex calls to the ‘fashionista’ fitness fanatics out there as it comes with the option to change the colour of your wristband and there’s even an exclusive fashion line… Also for the more style conscious customer there is the Fitbit Alta  - a fitness tracker with a more sleek and stylish design.

    The upgrade from the Fitbit Flex comes the Fitbit Charge and Charge HR. These devices are a similar style to the Fitbit Flex but comes with the addition of a small screen to display the time, number of steps, distance walked, flights of stairs climbed, calories burnt and, with the Charge HR, heart rate. The benefit of having a continuous heart rate monitor is that you can register when your heart reaches a bpm higher enough to burn fat.

    Lastly, you have the Fitbit Blaze and the Fitbit Surge – for the biggest fitness fanatics. These watches have all the features of the previous devices mentioned with the addition of a smart watch style interface and GPS tracking. Closer to a smart watch these Fitbit trackers also allow you to receive call and text notifications as well as control your music from the watch.

    Having had a Fitbit Charge HR for a week now I can confess I’m fully obsessed! My new favourite thing is finding out that I’ve raised my heart rate high enough to burn fat – success! In general it’s a wonderful way of tracking your daily fitness activity and awakens you to the ways in which you can improve!

  • Winter has Arrived…

    Remember at the end of last year when we were all basking in the uncharacteristically mild winter?

    WinterThose days are well and truly over! With the epic snow storm over in the States and the gentle flutter we had here in the UK – our overdue winter had finally arrived.

    It’s time to get prepared and stock up on the essential gadgets to get through this icy time!

    1/ Tech Touch Gloves

    If I’ve not replied to your message - I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t bear to take my hands out of my pockets and risk frostbite (slight exaggeration) to text you back. Enter Tech Touch Gloves – essential for the modern winter’s day. Tech Touch Gloves allows you to use your smartphone from the comfort of a warm pair of gloves - so there’s no excuse for ignoring that message you didn’t want to open! Now you can document the cold weather as much as you like: Tweet about it… post a Facebook status… Instagram it… as soon as the snow comes your social media feed automatically becomes a weather update so you might as well join in on it!

    2/ Portable Phone Charger

    The icy cold weather also has an effect on our technology! Studies show that the cold weather can run down batteries quicker – not ideal if you’re stuck in a snow storm! Make sure you’re well prepared with a portable battery charger so if an overload of snow does arrive at least you can talk about it - a problem shared is a problem halved.

    3/ USB Mug heater

    There is honestly nothing worse than sipping a cup of tea that’s gone cold.  Especially in these winter months when a good cup of tea can turn your day around – the horror and disappointment of when it goes cold prematurely is just too much. However, there is a solution! A USB Mug Heater can ensure you never face this issue again – just plug it into your laptop at work and rest easy knowing that if your manager calls you aside for a meeting, that fresh cup of tea is still going to be fresh when you get back!

    4/ Heated Office Wear

    Are you the always the one in the office that is constantly freezing cold? Are you wearing the majority of clothes you own whilst the guy you sit next to is in a t-shirt? Avoid the office heating politics and invest in some heated office wear to keep you nice and toasty. This Heated Mouse Mat will keep frostbite at bay in the office so you can scroll and click at ease. Additionally, this Heated Seat Cover is only £10 and comes with two different heat levels… an absolute life changer.

  • New Year, New Apps

    Like every other person on the planet with the turn of the New Year Lifestyle Change I've decided it's time to go healthy. I've vowed to eat clean by kissing goodbye to my best friend bread, I've banished all alcohol from my life, and I'm going to meditate for at least ten minutes every day- the classic New Year, New Me. From experience I know these kind of resolutions usually last for a hearty few days... a week tops. So this year I'm going to enlist the help of a few apps to make sure I stick to my new mantra.

    Here are a few of the top free IOS and Android Health and Fitness Apps available to whip you into shape this New Year.

    1/ Calorie Counter - My Fitness Pal

    This app will be your new guilty conscience - log in your calories consumed as well as burnt to ensure you're on track for your goal weight loss! There are over 5 million types of food recognised on their database and you have the option to scan a product's barcode to accurately log the amount of calories you're consuming! The app also allows you to log in the amount of exercise you've completed in a day and even detracts the amount of calories you burn from the amount you consume - so you don't feel so bad about yourself! For ease of use the app saves previous meals you've logged so you the more you log the easier it becomes!

    2/ Fitnet

    Another app that will keep an eye on you is the Fitnet. This app uses your phones camera to watch your form during exercises and monitor how well you're performing! The app provides you with a wide range of workout videos created by personal trainers and gives you real time feedback so you can improve as you go! This free app is essentially like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home but without the wallet draining cost!

    3/ WOD Deck of Cards

    If you get bored easily with the same old workouts and circuits place your fate in a deck of cards with this app. WOD Deck of Cards allows you to select a different exercise per suit and then the number of reps is left to fate! Keep going through the deck of cards until you run out or simply can't face anymore!

    4/ Charity Miles

    If you lack motivation to get fit or your will power lets you down try the Charity Miles app! For every mile you run, walk or bike you can earn money for different charities! As you head out for a run not only are you shedding the pounds and getting yourself fit but you can raise money for charities such as Save the Children, Stand up to Cancer and the World Wildlife Fund!

    5/ Spring

    If you find yourself getting bored quickly during workouts Spring Moves could be the app to keep you going for longer! Studies show that listening to music can increase exercise endurance by up to 15% by fooling your mind into thinking you're doing less work! Spring Moves allows you to synchronise your workouts to music with a wide range of playlists created by DJ's across the world.

    So hopefully these apps will be my saviours this year and make sure this diet is for life… not just for January.

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