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  • REDDIT boss resigns under pressure

    Image c/o BBC Image c/o BBC

    Ellen Pao, CEO of Reddit, has resigned after the online community turned on the bespectacled leader after a popular Reddit editor was sacked.

    The news and link sharing site responded to Pao's sacking of Victoria  Taylor with a 200,000 strong petition calling for Taylor's reinstatement and  Pao's resignation.

    Co-founder of Reddit, Steve Huffman will take over from Ellen Pao immediately. However, Pao will remain as an advisor to the board until the end of 2015.

    For more on this story, head to BBC Tech.
  • By 2020 there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users

    Image ref. Image ref.

    According to the new Ericsson Mobility Report 2015, the prevailing trend for smartphones doesn't look set to go anywhere but up.

    Despite the best efforts of hipsters and our dads to revive the Nokia 3210, by 2020 the global smartphone population is predicted to push 6.1 billion smartphone users - 70% of the world population.

    And we're not just talking about teenagers in Twickenham begging mum for an upgrade. Ericsson predict around 80% of new smartphone sales will be in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

    For the full story, head to Digital Trends.

  • Jony Ive - our fave Apple design guru - has a new job (But don't worry, it's at Apple!)

    jony iveHe's credited as being consistently in the lead crowd when it comes to the Apple design race. Never at the helm but always there adding his two cents and soldiering towards a rolling victory with one of the richest brands in the world. 

    And now our Brit buddy, Jony Ive, is looking at his own Iron Throne as Chief Design Officer.

    So, why bother reporting on the next rung of the ladder for an Apple exec? According to BBC Tech, numerous investors in the tech firm have done so on the proviso Ive remains a continued presence, giving him more leverage and adding value to someone who is already famous for, you guessed it, being an incredibly valuable asset to Apple as both an innovative designer and a public face.

    So, what does the move mean for Apple design going forward? Jony's new job spec sounds a bit vague, but it's likely his vision of Apple will now officially be seen across everything from how Apple stores are run to unique, secretive new projects like the Apple Watch.

    For the full story, head to BBC Tech.
  • Apple announces £11.2k solid gold Apple Watch

    Image ref. Apple Image ref. Apple

    Gold! Always believe in your soul! Especially when your soul is worth a tidy £11.2k and has just been received with acclaim at a press event in San Francisco.

    Due to go on sale on 24th April, the devices in the Apple Watch collection will range from around £299 to £11.2k, with various mod cons tipping the high end price into the worth-more-than-most-peoples-cars end of the pricing pool. Basically you can Continue reading →

  • Bjork's next music video is virtual reality enabled

    Image ref. Image ref.

     When the Icelandic pop pixie tries something a bit weird and new, we tend to be on board because there's nothing like a little Bjork magic! 

    The video is not the sign of a new album, but has been made as a one-off virtual reality enabled bit of fun for Oculus Rift.

    Not sure about your thoughts on virtual reality (still thinking about Knightmare??)  Head to Engadget for a great review of the latest prototype Oculus Rift VR headset - the Crescent Bay.

    The virtual reality enabled video for Bjork's new "Stonemaker" track isn't out just yet, but we'll keep you posted!

  • Welcome the HTC One M9!

    Image ref. Android Central Image ref. Android Central

    We don't have all the details yet, but according to Android Central, this is the new HTC ONE M9!!

    For more coverage, head to Android Central - they've got a brilliant live blog straight from Mobile Word Congress!

    We'll keep you posted too!

  • LG announce Urbane smartwatch (sounds fancy!)


    Image ref. LG Image ref. LG

    One minute we're moaning because the only smart watch we've got is antically a Tamagotchi nailed to an old slap bracelet, and the next there are smart watches seemingly coming out of the ears of mobile developers!

    And LG just jumped onto the bandwagon waving the next in what is likely to be a long, long line of wearable tech. If it's not your thing, buckle up for the next five years because it's not going to be fun for you.

    LG announced  Watch Urbane, which combines the inner workings of the earlier G Watch R with a new, sleeker look. Available in silver and gold with a thinner bezel and more luxurious look than its predecessor, LG have also increased the watch's battery life A LOT, with the new model hitting 710mAh, compared to a laughable 300-400mAh on all other Android Wear models.

    We're not sure about the whole smartwatch thing, but the Urbane is actually incredible to look at. It looks like a watch, not a Kinder Egg toy, and for that we're on side!

    And not to be outdone, Huawei also announced a stunning new smartwatch - the Huawei Watch.

  • New HTC One M9 to be revealed on 1st March (that's right after this weekend!)

    Wonderful leaked image of the HTC One M9 from nowhere Wonderful leaked image of the HTC One M9 from nowhere

    There's nothing like the smell of a hotly awaited device in the air! 

    And with Mobile World Congress approaching, there are intoxicating wafts of HTC One M9 on the breeze!

    Feeling poetic yet? You should be! The latest incarnation of the flagship HTC handset is definitely going to see the light of day at MWC. Invites went out on 16th January confirming new releases and inviting the cream of the gadget industry to this years event.

    We reckon  the HTC One M9 will be pretty similar to the M8 in terms of style -  similar aluminium body shaped to fit into your hand. BoomSound speakers to the front or maybe via a front slit speaker, rather than the microdrilled grille. Why? Well even a slight change in this direction could make the HTC One M9 a tad smaller than the M8.

    Leaked images claiming to be the HTC One M9 (see above!) suggest our prediction is spot-on. We've sourced this image from a bunch of websites, leading us to believe it's at least a bit credible if it's got the folks at Pocket-Lint drooling!

    We weren't invited to MWC 2015, so we'll keep you posted on 1st March and put the first images of the HTC One M9 right here on the blog!

  • 5 Ways to cut your mobile data consumption

    Sorry you used all your data. Enjoy this cat selfie. Sorry you used all your data. Enjoy this cat selfie.

    Anybody else lose their mind if they can't check email on their smartphone at any moment of their life, wifi or no wifi?

    Us too. But using up your data allowance sucks, making the end of the month a mad dash between wifi hotspots (including pulling up next to National Express coaches!)

     Here are five easy ways to cut your mobile data consumption and keep you smothered in Tweets, selfies and boring work emails right up to the end of the month!

    1. Set up usage warnings

    Most handsets have some kind of stop-watching-youtube-before-you-use-all-your-data-you-idiot style warnings in your mobile settings area.

    2. Stop streaming!

    It eats all of your data! Stick to wifi streaming only or download media to your device before you leave the house (okay, before you leave your parents's house because they have fibre!)

    3. Use mobile websites

    Chrome and Opera are great little browsers for helping you cut your mobile data consumption. They can compress websites to around 1% of their regular size.

    4. Limit background data

    Do you really need your podcast subscriptions to update while you're on the commute and use all your data? Turn off background data for as many apps as possible. Manual updates = more control!

    5. Make playlists available offline

    Plenty of streaming apps like Google Play and Spotify will let you set playlists to be accessed offline, saving another wedge of data!

     This list came from folks in the know - the good old bloggers of giffgaff!
  • Google announce Google Glass reboot project

    googleglassesFair play. You've got to know when you're beaten. And Team Brin know it. 

    A halt on sales was widely reported in January, with the various prototype versions of Glass specs tossed onto the shelf shortly after.

    So what now? Continue reading →

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