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Money4Machines Blog

  • What an e-Waste

    You’re probably throwing away money. Every year Brits are estimated to heave a massive SEVENTEEN MILLION gadgets, gizmos and various electronic e-flora and e-fauna onto the rubbish heap. EEF, the manufacturing organisation for British manufacturers, are really pushing consumer e-waste management. Sure, you can’t stop all the other old Kindles ending up at the tip, but you can do something about YOUR unwanted devices. EEF are eager to bring home the fact that each home in the U.K probably hoards around £45.00 worth (recycle value) of unused electronics. There are plenty of ethical reasons not to send your aged Nokia 3210 to the tip. Probably the most obvious environmental concern is toxic materials. Electronics typically contain unpleasant things like cadmium, lead and arsenic (yes, THAT arsenic!) These are (not “can be”, but “ARE”) detrimental to local wildlife and environmental health. We don’t imagine too many folks are chucking out old iPads with the baby and the bathwater, but the message doesn’t just apply to high value items. We want folks looking to sell iPads, smartphones and pretty much all and sundry electronics (if you’ve got a weird one, just email us!) to visit our online quote area and see how much we could offer for your laptop, tablet, sat nav, camera or really old bizarre mobile phone (the Nokia 7280 Lipstick – what were they thinking?!) Broken items can be recycled and stripped for raw materials, working devices can be refurbished and reused, but ONLY if you do your bit and avoid the rubbish bin!

  • How Moore’s Law Affects Your Buying Habits

    What’s this Moore’s Law we speak of? Moore’s Law affects every part of your life (unless you’ve shunned all technology and sent your old Kindle to us already!) in the modern world. It’s not part of legislative law, but one of those laws you spent eons trying to memorise in senior school science or maths class – conservation of momentum, the constant speed of light, and every mathematical equation ever etc. Based on observations made in 1965 by Intel-founder, Gordon Moore, the developed Moore’s Law predicted exponential growth in the electronics industry in terms of data density and component performance. Moore noticed that the number of transistors (semiconductors that amplify, open or close a circuit) per square inch doubled roughly annually on the integrated circuit boards he was working on over at the fledgling Intel. The Law essentially means that, in theory, the first iPad was only half as powerful as technologically possible within eighteen months of its release date. If course, it’s one of those laws that’s subjective to interpretation and external interference like market collapses, new sectors of scientific development etc. But Moore’s Law can’t go on forever... can it? The big man himself, Gordon Moore, has voiced the opinion that the law will likely only be relevant for another two decades or so, but for now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the gratuitous market influx of devices that fuels our tech lab here at Money4Machines! If you’re feeling inspired to recycle your iPad or sell a Kindle, head over to our homepage and start typing!

  • Post-Christmas Clearouts Boost Money4Machines Stock

    New iPad 2! Mine! All mine! Now I can sell my iPad too! Amidst the hideous jumpers, endless reams of socks and that pack of blank VHS tapes Great Aunt Jenene STILL buys you every Christmas, there was probably that one great e-present that ticked every box and hasn’t left your side since! Christmas may be the busiest time of the year for old St Nick, but when he hangs up his reins and leaves that jolly red suit at the dry cleaners, we see one of our busiest times of the year! December – January is a bumper time of the year in the electronics industry. It’s the time when old iPods are replaced, the annual parent-funded smartphone upgrade rolls around and our Amazon Kindle “used” stock skyrockets! The Kindle was one of the most popular presents of 2011, along with the standard crop of smartphones, MP3 players and consoles. Speaking of which, we’re happy to report a seasonal increase in console payments! The unstoppable XBox 360 topped out as the number one festive gift console for 2011, and we’re glad to see our customers trading in their old machines for 2012. Trade in your iPad for some precious post-Xmas funds and we can promise it’ll live a long and happy life. Our tech wizards are brilliant at bringing the slowest and most virus-riddled machines back to life, so why not finally have that sluggish old PC actually help you out for a change?

  • Exciting Releases We Can’t Wait to See

    Remember when the iPod Classic first arrived and we waited what seemed like an age for the next generation? Moore’s Law (we’ll get to that in another entry!) means we’re now producing technology at the fastest rate in the entire history of man/machine and plug socket! Although the big boys like Apple still need to improve things like battery life (please! more than a day!), there are loads of great new releases we could see within the next few years that’ll have you heading for our iPad trade in page faster than a Nokia 7110 can pop you into the Matrix!

    Smartphones iPhones and Blackberries aside, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Skin we can’t wait to meet. As far as phone gimmicks go, a flexible screen has to be pretty high on the list. In January 2011 Samsung-loving design students presented a bunch of crazy-looking concept handsets, but the new Skin design demonstrates some fairly sensible qualities like high res 800 x 400 screen and 1.2GHz processor. Aside from having a slightly unpleasant-sounding name, the Skin could boost our smartphone and iPad recycle service as fans scrabble for upgrades.

    Tablets Although not confirmed, we’re very excited about the rumour that along with 2012’s iPad 3, something resembling an iPad Mini could be arriving in Apple stores. Initial intel from component suppliers also shows the iPad 3 internal layout could alter significantly. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see... When new devices are released into the market, don’t forget to visit us and see what an old iPad could net you in terms of funding those tantalising upgrades!

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Selling Old Machines

    It’s pretty tough to go anywhere or do anything without the nagging little guilt of leaving your carbon footprint – “If I replace my old iPad... What am I doing to the environment?!” We don’t wish to reach for melodrama, but the point is that lots of folks get themselves in quite the twist trying to live the green life and buy ethically. Here are a few fast facts about some of the machines we buy, and how maximising the life of something like an old Kindle by selling it to us helps reduce your carbon footprint.

    It’s estimated around 85% of the laptops U.K users replace head to the landfill, regardless of their working state. We can’t imagine you flinging a working iPad into the tip, but does it sound familiar if we suggest said iPad might spend a dull eternity in the bottom of a household or office drawer? It’s simple – sell the iPad to us, make money instead of waste! The European Union banned the disposal of e-waste in landfills back in the 1990s. But it’s a difficult area to police, mostly reliant on consumer conscience. This has to be our fact of the day – According to popular industry chatter, only around 2% of workable PCs and Macs find their way to a second full-time user. Speaking as a company with unique pre-loved machine knowledge, we think that’s an atrociously low figure!

    If you want to boost your eco-profile and your wallet, get in touch to see what money you can get for your old machines.

  • Welcome to Our New 2012 Blog!

    We know we're early but we just couldn't wait until January!

    Fresh for the New Year, we’ll be embarking on a great new blogging venture. Blogs are a great way for us to keep you 100% up to date on all the latest industry news, company developments and customer initiatives. We’ll also be offering useful advice for folks looking to live a little greener in their home or business, filling you in on our favourite eco-ideas and promoting sponsorship and philanthropic efforts (we can’t promise not to go old-school and take a bath in baked beans for charity at some point!) Our blog can be a little less formal than the rest of the website, so we can offer you friendly guidance, relevant industry chatter and the occasional weird and wonderful news item!

    We deal with lots of customer queries from customer wanting to recycle iPads, sell an old Dell Inspiron laptop etc, but we’re also frequently inundated with questions about things like electronic sustainable living and the how to make the most of your spare devices. That’s the kind of thing we hope to address in our blog.

    A huge part of what we do is about helping potential customers realise their old Kindle could actually make a bit of spare cash for the Holiday Fund. Sure, there are always options like auction sites and selling privately, but the services we offer mean you can sell your iPad for a set amount rather than waiting for the auction to end. We’ve all found incredible bargains on online auction sites, but when you’re the seller, a bargain isn’t brilliant news!

    See you though 2012!

    M4M Team

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