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Technology in 2018!

In 2017 we welcomed Alexa into our home, carefully tip toed around the room with virtual reality headsets and saw countless videos of slow and clumsy robots looking to gain our trust.

With 2017 now behind us what can we expect from technology in 2018?


Originally used to verify and validate crypto-currency transactions, the durability and security of blockchains will be used for much more than bitcoin transactions in 2018.

Due to blockchains not having a centralised point, there is no obvious failure spot, it would require an incredible amount of computer power to hack or alter any document. This added security makes it much easier and safer to distribute and store files along with records of financial transactions.
Blockchains and crypto-currency will continue to thrive in the business world but don’t be surprised to see this technology slowly become part of everyday file storage and transaction during 2018.


Biometrics are already apart of many people’s day to day lives. Many of us unlock our phones with a fingerprint or facial recognition if you happen to own an iPhone X. Biometrics are set to become far more prevalent in our lives, we already use it to keep our phone secure, this same technology can be used to keep a locker closed at the gym or to unlock a car.

With data security being so important in today’s modern world, biometrics can also be used for keeping your data secure on your laptop or computer by scanning your iris through the webcam or registering fingerprints on the keyboard.

This technology can also be used for less serious procedures like recognising who is sitting behind the wheel of the family car and setting the correct radio station and seat position.

Digital Assistants

Voice activated assistants enjoyed a breakout year in 2017. Mainly used in smartphones or portable speakers, digital assistants such as Alexa and Google are expected to escape the speaker and expand all around the home.
As the technology develops and becomes more sophisticated at recognising individual voices, our digital companion will be used to set personal settings and preferences around the home. Assistants such as Alexa will be able to help you order products without even touching your tablet or smartphone. Simply call out what is you have run out of and it will be ordered for you without even touching a screen.

These digital assistants will also be housed in companion robots as showcased in this years CES in Las Vegas. Robots such as Sony Aibo, Kuri and Buddy will be welcomed into our homes and families in 2018, as long as they promise to not try and take over the world.

2018 promises to be a year of data security and advancements in digital assistants, all this while the battle between augmented and virtual reality rages on.