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Three extends free data roaming to France, Israel, Switzerland, Norway and Finland

thai toas holidayData roaming still tends to hit home as one of those slightly dubious and misunderstood sides to smartphone ownership, especially if you don't travel on a regular basis. And free data roaming is the Holy Grail of foreign travel!

What is free Data Roaming?

Data roaming is how your phone connects to an available service provider when outside the reach of your normal service provider. It's typically a pretty expensive service and has come under fire in recent years because of the opaque nature of data roaming charges. Forget to turn off data roaming and head to Oman for two weeks - massive bill.

Let's say you're out of the area of your normal service provider - abroad perhaps - and you still want to use your smartphone to make calls, send texts and connect to the internet. Enabling data roaming means you're giving your smart device permission to look for alternative available service providers (its' why you get that text to say "Welcome to France blah blah" when you step off the plane in Paris) Free data roaming is when your device connects to a local service provider without the hefty extra charges. Bliss.

Three announced the addition of five new countries to its free data roaming service - France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Israel.

Head over to Engadget for the full story.