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  • Festival Season Apps!

    Summer 2017 has arrived, spring has sprung, temperatures are on the rise and there is life after work. All the joys of summer are waiting for you, long sunny evenings in pub gardens, BBQ’s with friends and of course festival season! Here a few gadgets and apps that will help your festival experience run as smoothly as possible.

    Juice Tube Power Bank

    As we all know there is absolutely no chance a smartphone’s battery will last an entire weekend festival. Although most modern-day festivals have plenty of places you can charge your phone, it can be a real drag waiting around for your phone to charge or having to leave it there whilst it charges. The Juice Tube is a pocket sized portable charger and will supply you with one full charge before it itself will need some more juice. If you are lucky enough to be going to Glastonbury this year EE are offering a swap service, simply take your empty Juice Tube to the EE tent and they will give you a new one!


    BC Tent Finder

    Trying to find your tent in the endless fields of tents can be a real challenge, especially after the headline act has finished and it is now well into the early hours of the morning! BC Tent Finder is one of the many wonders of modern festivaling. Use this app to pin point where your tent is using GPS and follow the route all the way back to the comfort of your tent. BC Tent Finder can also be used to mark other important places such as the nearest toilet. This app will also help you eradicate the question we all dread at the end of the festival, “Where did we park the car?”


    Along with being more technology minded, festivals are rapidly becoming greener and environmentally friendly. BlaBlaCar is a ride sharing App which connects people who have spare seats with people needing a lift to a festival. This app helps reduce the number of cars going to a festival and saves people money on fuel or train/bus fares. A free download app which helps you to meet likeminded people and reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. What’s not to like?

    Whether you are going to Glasto, Reading/Leeds, Download or Isle of White have a great festival from everyone at Money4Machines!

  • Moving Made Easier - Useful Apps

    Moving-Happiness-Home-Sketch-NSMEverybody knows that moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful tasks a person can do. How will it affect my commute? What’s the neighbourhood like? Did I leave my phone charger in the old flat? Here are a few useful apps to help you clear your mind of worry and make moving home as stress free as possible.


    One of the main reasons to move house is to move closer to work. So there can be nothing for frustrating than finding out your new apartment is closer to the office by mileage but it requires three buses, two trains and horse to get there. Using Mapumental you can search for properties using time taking to travel to work instead of distance. If you have a strict work schedule Mapumental will help you discard properties that extend your commute or require multiple transfers.

    Moving Planner

    Are you the type of person that likes to be super-organised? Do you need to have everything mapped out to the minute? Moving Planner is definitely the app for you, this incredibly detailed checklist allows you to plan the big day weeks in advance, checklists, moving schedules, cancellation of bills you name it, Moving Planner has it. Alongside checklists, Moving Planner allows you to create a full inventory of your personal belongings and allocate which box you have put them in. So as soon as you move in you won’t have to be rooting through unmarked boxes looking for your toothbrush or TV remote.

    Bubble Level Now you’ve moved into your new home it’s time to hand the painting and photos around the house. Bubble level is a digital display spirit level that does exactly what you would imagine it to do. Hang your favourite artwork and photos with accuracy and ease all by using your mobile phone.

    Dulux Visualiser Are you thinking of revamping or decorating but can’t decide on the colour scheme? This app allows you to take a picture of your room walls or ceiling and mix and match colours before making the all-important final decision. This app can come in very handy when you are in the shop trying to picture what your living room would look like with Teal walls.

    Everyone at Money4Machines hope you find these apps helpful and they help you move into your dream home.

  • Best Christmas Technology Ideas 2016!

    christmas-1755104_960_7202016 has been an eventful year to say the least, unexpected and colossal changes to the political landscape, unlikely Premier League champions and grown men chasing imaginary Pokémon around the streets. But this eventful year is coming to an end, with just the small matter of Christmas between us and New Year celebrations.

    With the big day just around the corner we are going to take a look at a few last minute stocking fillers for the tech lovers in your life. If the Christmas break for you means time spent keeping warm and watching your favourite television programmes, then the Amazon Fire Stick is definitely for you. Simply plug into the HDMI port of your TV, connect to Wi-Fi and say hello to thousands of programmes from both sides of the pond and beyond, this little device takes binge watching to a whole new level!

    Amazon has also given you the opportunity to add another voice activated robotic helper into your life. The voice inside of the Amazon Echo is Alexa, and she is here to help you with nearly anything you can imagine around the house… apart from the washing up. Alexa can help you entertain your friends by playing music, reading audiobooks or by answering any question that comes to mind. The Amazon Echo is compatible with devices such as Hive, Hue and WeMo so you can control your lighting and heating all by using your voice.

    Looking for something a bit different to add to your office either at work or at home? How about the wireless fully bamboo keyboard and mouse from Sengu? This keyboard is made from 100% ethically sourced bamboo. The grain on the keyboard absorbs the ultra-violet light and is anti-radiation. The gloss finish does not only add to the aesthetics of the keyboard but also makes it easy to clean and keeps the keyboard feeling fresh.

    Vintage vinyl has been making a massive comeback in the past two years or so, in fact for the first time in the UK vinyl out sold its digital counterparts. It’s easy to see why with vinyl making the perfect present for cool Dads and hipsters alike. If your either dusting off the old vinyl collection in the loft or starting a new collection you will need something to play it on. The ION audio max could be exactly what you are looking for. It is lightweight and compact making it very easy transport and set up. The wooden finish and belt drive gives the ION audio the vintage feel and look which most nostalgia seeking vinyl collectors enjoy. This turntable also has a modern aspect, simply connect to your computer using the USB port to convert your favourite records to digital audio files.

    We hope you got a few good ideas for gives either to give or to sneakily add to your own Christmas list for Father Christmas. From everyone at Money4Machines have a very Merry Christmas!

  • 90’s Kids Will Remember - Vintage Technology

    Technology is advancing at a rapid pace these days, innovative inventions and advancements around every corner. As consumers we are expecting more and more from our gadgets that we carry around in our pockets every day. But there was a time when our “portable” gadgets were too large to fit into our ripped jean pockets, and all of our school work was stored on a floppy disk. This magical time was the 1990’s and we are going to take a look back at some of the technology you may have forgotten about.

    talkboyLate 1992 saw the release of Home Alone 2, this highly popular film led children to pester their parents for Macaulay Culkin’s favourite toy. The Talkboy Radio was an oddly shaped tape recorder that had only two features. However the ability to slow down and speed up voice recordings kept many children entertained throughout 1993. Well before the days of downloaded music at the touch of a screen or the ability to store every song you’ve ever heard of on an iPod there was the Sony Discman. Sony actually released the Discman in the mid 1980’s, however the hefty price tag of the player and CDs themselves meant it did not appeal to the masses until the 1990s. A key feature of the Discman was its anti-skip, however this did not work as the Discman would skip on nearly every bump in the road or if you were walking too quickly! Despite this slightly annoying tendency, it didn’t stop us from loving the Discman and it was a 1990’s must have.

    1996 saw the release of one of the biggest fads to hit the decade. Everybody had one. The Tamagotchi was everywhere! This pocket pet was immensely popular, a reported 76 million have been sold since its release! However it was not all fun and games, Monday morning was a stressful time for Tamagotchi owners. With most school teachers banning them from classrooms, it would mean a nervous day at school hoping your Tamagotchi could last the day without being fed! All those hour of caring for your Japanese pet would be in vein, if left unfed the Tamagotchi would die of malnutrition! A very real struggle for the 90s school child.

    Also released in 1996 was a businessman’s best friend. Before being able to store all of the contacts and e-mails on your phone, the businessman’s go to gadget was the Palm Pilot 100. The Palm Pilot could store an impressive 500 contacts and sync with PC’s and Mac computers. The handwriting recognition was also a key factor in the Palm Pilots success, after 18 months of release the Palm Pilot 100 had already sold of 1 million units. However after this initial success, the device was slowly phased out with the increasing popularity of mobile phones.

    We hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane and next time you are looking down at your smartphone spare a thought for the forgotten age of gadgets.

  • Back To School!

    The summer holidays are Back to Schoolsadly drawing to a close for many students, which means it is time to start thinking about back to school. Or if you are one of the many students who has been celebrating their GCSE or A level results it is time to prepare for your new challenges that lay ahead.

    With this in mind we are going to take a look at some back to school apps that will help you as you prepare to return to school. One of the first hurdles to overcome is getting used to getting out of bed again! Alarm Clock Plus is a completely customisable alarm clock which allows you to set up exactly what you need to get you up and ready to go. Weather this is a steadily increasing alarm volume, bright flashing lights or even a maths problem to solve before being able to stop the alarm, Alarm Clock Plus has it all.

    Now you are up and out of bed its time you sort out lunch for the day. This app is perfect for parents helping their little ones organise balanced lunchbox plans for the week. This app will also turn the lunch plan into a shopping list for the following week if supplies are running a bit low in the kitchen.

    It is a tried and tested revision tactic, turn your vast amount of notes into flashcards with key points and facts on them. However this can lead to complete disaster when you lose the important flashcards with the answers on them! Flashcard + is an innovative app for iOS only, this app does have premade flashcard templates however you can personalise them for your revision and studying needs. Flashcard + is available in 22 languages which is extremely helpful for language students!

    For students leaving the routine of school life and going on to college or university, classes and subjects are no longer the only challenge. Getting used to student life can throw its own challenges into your path. The adeptly named “My Study Life” is a personal assistant that lives in your phones and can help you plan your busy week. This app allows you not only to schedule your week but also access assignments and exams whilst away from the classroom. You can also setup notifications so your pocket personal assistant can remind you of where you need to be and at what time.

    Whatever new challenges lay ahead, whether it is going into 6th form or starting University good luck from everyone at Money4Machines! And congratulations on your exam results!

  • Technology at the Olympics

    With the Rio Olympics in full flow we are going to take a look at Olympics Blogsome of the innovative technology that is helping to change and enhance the oldest sporting competition.

    The 2016 Olympic Games will see the introduction of both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball teams being able to challenge the referee’s decisions. In a sport of fine margins every point matters, if a team does not agree with a decision they must turn to the referee and make a “C” with their fingers to initiate the challenge. The second referee will then review the footage whilst the teams and the crowd watch the slow motion replays on the big screen with bated breath to find the outcome of the challenge.

    In long distance swimming events it is key to time your final push for the finish, go too early and you may run out of steam before the end. Leave it too late and you could have left yourself too much to do to achieve a podium finish. With that in mind it is absolutely essential that athletes do not lose count of how many laps they have completed. Rio 2016 is debuting a digital lap counter which sits on the bottom of the pool and updates as soon as the swimmers touch the digital touchpad at each turn. You will see these innovative devices used in the 800m and 1500m events, allowing the athletes to solely concentrate their energies on the race.

    Archery is another event which is taking some of the pressures/judgment away from officials. The classic paper target of a much more sophisticated high-tech sensor. The new target is able to record scores within 0.2mm of where the arrow lands and display on the scoreboard in 1 second. To add to the spectator’s experience, fans will also be able to track the athlete’s heart rate to see how they are coping with the added pressures of the Olympics.

    It’s fair to say that technology has come a long way at the Olympic Games even since London 2012. It hard to say what future tech will be introduced to the games but it seems it will be become an increasingly referee less event. Some athletes may maintain that is for the best! With the added technology and around the clock coverage the Olympics is more spectator friendly than it has ever been, who’s to say we won’t soon be able to experience what it is like to be lining up for the 100m final in years to come with the development on virtual reality?

    From everyone at Money4Machines enjoy what remains of what has already been a spectacular Olympics!

  • Top Selling Mobile Phones Ever!


    In a previous blog we listed the mPhone Blogost expensive and extravagant mobile phones on the market, however it may surprise you that majority of the phones on that list haven’t got the most impressive sales numbers.

    With that in mind we are going to take a look at the top selling mobile phones to hit the market to date. You may be surprised to see that an Apple phone does not make it into the top 5 most sold list. In fact the only non Nokia on the list in the Samsung E1100, this phone has a very impressive battery life of 13 days whilst on standby! A 13 day battery life in almost unimaginable with what we expect our smartphones to keep up with today. Released in 2009 the Samsung E110 had no camera and no internet browser but still managed to top 150 million unit sales!

    Also boasting an impressive battery life is number 4 on the list, the Nokia 1200. Released in 2007 the 1200 could stay on standby for around 390hours. Although it did not have Bluetooth, radio, GPS or an internet browser, the Nokia 1200 did have a very attractive green backlight which may have accounted for some of the 150 million sales.

    The Nokia 3210 may very well have been your first mobile phone, this classic was released in 1999 and also had sales that topped the 150 million mark. This phone allowed you to download monophonic ring tones and had possibly the most addictive game of snake built in.

    Just narrowly beaten to the top spot on our list is the Nokia 1110, released in 2005 this device helped ring in the age of polyphonic ringtones. The Nokia 110 also boated a 4 way stroll home key and animated screensavers. However with an internal memory of only 4mb it did not allow you much room to save your self-composed ringtones. Poor internal memory did hold this phone back when it came to sales, the Nokia 1110 sold a staggering 250 million units.

    At the top of the list if the Nokia 110, this device may not as well remembered as the 3210 or 3310 but the Nokia 110 is the most purchased mobile phone ever! This phone went on sale in 2003 but sadly is no more. But with sales of over 250 million this phone will be fondly remembered by those who bought it. The Nokia 110 was also the device that achieved Nokia its 1 billionth sale, which took place in 2005.

  • Cookery Corner

    Whether you are looking for some new recipes to spice up things in Cookery Cornerthe kitchen or you are looking for a new hobby to fill the long rainy days of summer, the apps we are about to look at with certainly help you along your way.


    Yummly Recipes & Shopping lists – This app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices, this app also allows the user to easily personalise the recipes they are looking for to fit any dietary needs. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, beginning the paleo diet or simply in the mood for an Italian this app has you covered.  If you find a recipe that you love and want to use again you can select the “Yum” button and this will save the recipe into your own digit recipe book. They say variety is the spice of life and with over 1 million recipes Yummly certainly offers variation.


    If you are now finished with your main course and you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth then the simple named Desert Recipes! Is the app for you. Desert Recipes advertises around 325 deserts conveniently split into categories so you can go straight to the sweet you are craving. With everything from fudge brownies to homemade ice cream the only problem is you may spend too much time looking at the pictures trying to decide what to make rather than actually making them. However if you do finally decide on something, this app also offer video tutorials to show you exactly what you need to do. This app is free for a limited time only so get it for free while you can!


    Mexican Food Recipes - If Mexican is what is on the menu then this app is right down your calle! This app offers recipes and instructions on classic Mexican meals such as Enchiladas, Fajitas and Quesadilla. This app will also show you how to make the perfect salsa or guacamole to accompany your South American meal. This app shows you exactly what you need to make your desired meal in a simple but detailed manner, offering shopping lists and photographs of the finished article. Think you have a better chilli recipe? With this app being all about asthenic Mexican flavours you can submit your own recipes to be published.


    With these few apps your well on your way to be being able to rustle up anything your heart desires and making your home less Hell’s Kitchen and more MasterChef! Happy Cooking!

  • Voucher Apps - Lets Get Saving!

    Penny PinchingWith nearly every outlet and shop offering its customers a points based reward system it appears our wallets are forever destined to be laden with loyalty cards. Which makes it more frustrating when the cashier asks “Do you have your loyalty card?” only for you to realise you have left it in the draw at home next to the other loyalty cards you own. With the app ‘Key Ring’ you will never have to carry a loyalty card again whilst still collecting the points in the store you desire, simply save the information from your cards to the App cloud and scan your phone at the checkout. You can also upload shopping lists and pictures to ensure you get exactly the product you are after or have been instructed to get.

    Wowcher - If you haven’t heard of Wowcher it is definitely worth the 7.77MB of storage on your phone. This free to download app offer great discounts on a range of items and activities, whether you are looking to take in a play in the Westend or you are searching for quick weekend getaway Wowcher has you covered. With daily updates this app offered between 50 - 80% discounts on shopping, travel and restaurant deals.

    Wedding Voucher Codes – Is your big day approaching? Wedding preparation stress? The wedding voucher app allows you to search for savings on wedding photographers, wedding cars, cakes, entertaining and the most importantly dresses. This app can help you prepare for the big day whilst saving you money in the process.

    Voucher of the Day – This free to download app does everything to title offers. Voucher of the day delivers a new voucher to you with up to 50% offered from high street and online store such as H&M and River Island. All the vouchers are valid for 24 Hours, you can set up a notification for when the new voucher is uploaded so you don’t miss out on a bargain!

    Voucher Codes : The game – This app makes you work for your discount, lead the Net Voucher Toad through 12 platform based levels to the checkout to collect your discount for stores such as Amazon and iTunes. Bounce the voucher toad along the platforms collecting shopping items, the more items you collect the bigger the points. The higher the points you collect the bigger the prize!

    These are a few apps to help you save money along your way, from everyone at Money4Machines happy savings!

  • Most Expensive Smartphones in the World

    Here is a look at some of the most outlandish and expensive

    Smartphone expensive Vertu's Cobra

    smartphones available on the market at the moment. These are phones you may never be interested in or lucky enough to be able to afford but sometimes it’s enjoyable to look at things a little out of our price range.

    If you happen to have a large fortune laying around and you are heavily invested in your iPhone 5 then the Black Diamond iPhone 5 is the phone for you. Created by Stuart Hughes this luxury version of the iPhone 5 is encrusted with black diamonds and can take up to 9 weeks to replace the body of the device with solid gold. Each handset is carefully crafted by hand. However those man hours will cost you as this phone is available at a staggering 15 million Dollars or 10 million Pounds! This hefty price tag makes takes this phone straight to the summit of the most of expensive phone list by quite some distance.

    If 15million Dollars is a tad out of your price range, available for a far more reasonable $130,000 is the stylish Uylsse-Nardin Chairman. This device includes 3,000 hand cut diamonds which decorate the front cover of the device. It takes up to 700 hours to cut the diamonds for each device. Interested in one? There is a 7month waiting list due to strenuous and time consuming task of making one of these phone.

    Due to Vertu’s collaboration with the French Jewellers Boucheron together they were able to design on the most unique looking phones on the market. Vertu’s Cobra insignia comprises of over 400 Rubies! This smartphone is priced as $310,000, price wise still well in the shadow of the Black Diamond iPhone, however in uniqueness of design and appearance this phone definitely stands alone.  The Vertu also consists of one white diamond and the eyes of the serpents are made of emerald stones. If you like the look of the phone but would like a ruby free version, they are available at the reduced price of £62,000.

    These are just a few of the most outlandish phones in both style and price, I wouldn’t expect to see any of these offered in your next upgrade package.

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