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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before confirming any sale order to Money4Machines (also referred to herein as “we”) through this site. By confirming a sale order through this website “the consumer” (also referred to herein as “you”) is bound by the terms and conditions set out below. We advise you to either print or save a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference. You will be required to commit to accepting these terms and conditions before confirming a sale order at which point you are bound by them.

At present we only accept consumer orders through the website. For queries regarding business customers please get in touch with us directly at

“Consumer”, for the purposes of this document, means an individual who neither makes this contract in the course of a business, nor holds himself out as doing so, as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

  1. We only accept orders placed by United Kingdom residents placing the order whilst based in the United Kingdom.
  2. We will only issue payment to bank accounts registered in the United Kingdom.
  3. Legal ownership of the machine being sold must be the consumer’s in its entirety.
  4. The consumer must be over 18 or have parental / guardian consent to sell the item in question.
  5. The consumer must be capable of entering into a legal contract.
  6. Once payment is dispatched, ownership of the machine (also referred to herein as “your machine”) becomes that of Money4Machines Limited.
  7. A contract between the consumer and Money4Machines is made at the point where Money4Machines sends confirmation that your machine has met these terms and conditions and payment will be made to you in due course. Both parties are bound by the contract. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  8. Money4Machines reserves the right to cancel the contract in the event of a pricing error of which the consumer is informed within 24 hours of the contract being formed.
  9. Your machine must be working and must meet our Terms and Conditions. Money4Machines DOES NOT accept any broken machines. If you send us a broken machine and you wish for it to be returned, we will insist on full postage and packaging costs being met by you plus a £5 administration charge in order to return the machine. If this payment is not made within 14 days Money4Machines will destroy or otherwise dispose of the machine.
  10. Money4Machines will only accept working machines. The definition of ‘working’ is as follows:
  11. The machine turns on and boots to start-up screen using on / off button.
  12. All accounts / PIN and/or password locks must be removed or deactivated from all devices.
  13. Once the machine has been started via the above method it is fully functional for all purposes for which it was originally designed to be used (this includes official manufacturer software - rooted devices will be subject to revision of quote).
  14. There are no cracks to the screen or any other part of the machine. Money4Machines have the right to reject devices with cracked screens or cracked casing. For cameras there must be no scratches to the lens / screen. If a devices camera is cracked/smashed/ not fully functional a revised offer or rejection will be made.
  15. All batteries, chargers and leads provided to make the machine fully functional beyond the immediate term must be included along with all accessories required for normal use.
  16. For all machines with internal batteries that are not easily replaceable by a novice user, the stand by battery life must be a minimum of three days.
  17. For all machines with internal batteries that are not easily replaceable by a novice user, the active battery life must be a minimum of three hours.
  18. The machine must have no water damage. Devices must not be missing any pieces i.e. Charging Port Covers must be attached.
  19. The machine must have no damage whatsoever beyond general wear and tear. This includes but is not limited to: no cracks to screen or casing, no major scratches, no faulty/ broken button, no dead pixels, no screen bleeding, touch screen fully operational, manufacturing seal not tampered with, engraving (engraving will incur a reduction of any offer). If you are still unsure of what constitutes general wear and tear and whether any damage to your machine falls within these bounds, you should contact Money4machines before sending the item
  20. Money4Machines pays additional cash for brand new machines. The definition of ‘brand new’ is as follows:
  21. Full working order as per the definition of ‘working’ in the terms and conditions above.
  22. The machine must be completely unused. Past use will be detectable.
  23. Any screen & packaging seal must still be intact.
  24. There must be no marking or damage whatsoever to the machine.
  25. The machine must be provided in all original packaging with instructions and all standard accessories in the same condition described immediately above.
  26. The serial number / IMEI must match both the box and the machine
  27. We pay extra cash for additional accessories, boxed items with instructions and various other non-standard products, but for us to make an improved offer you must manually provide details as instructed in the ‘tips’ section next to the machine in question.
  28. If the machine does not meet our terms and conditions set out within this document, Money4Machines reserves the right to:
    a) Request postage costs plus a £5 administration charge from the consumer to return the machine. Or,
    b) Make an adjusted offer for the machine. If you decline this offer, we reserve the right to request return postage costs. If you do not reply to our adjusted offer email with 10 days we reserve the right to deem this acceptance of our adjusted offer and process payment.
  29. Money4Machines is not responsible for non-delivery of emails due to external issues including but not limited to spam email and junk pick up filters.
  30. Any personal information on any machine provided will be destroyed upon receipt. Any memory cards, SIM cards or other forms of memory storage device will either be destroyed or wiped to contain no personal information. We are not responsible for the loss, damage, confidentiality or any other aspect of any data contained on the machine or any device within the machine once the machine has been sent to us. For purposes of these terms and conditions, data includes but is not limited to contacts, pictures, messages, games, notes, personal details and music.
  31. Any contracts assigned to the machine should be cancelled prior to sending the machine.As stated in our terms and conditions full legal ownership of the device is required in order for you to sell it to Money4Machines. As such, no other contracts should be held against the machine prior to your sending it to us. For example, in the case of mobile phones (or similar devices), this means that there should be no contract that still legally ties the machine to a third party such as a telecommunications network or operator.
  32. If any usage time is left on the SIM of any machine sent or there are any active usage contracts assigned to any machine sent, Money4Machines is not responsible for that usage.
  33. All machines will be checked to ensure they are not stolen, fake or blocked. We will use CheckMEND to check every serial number of every item we receive. If the item has had the serial number removed or tampered with, Money4Machines reserves the right to return the item to the consumer. In such a case, Money4Machines will request the cost of postage and packaging be covered by the consumer in addition to a £5 administration charge.
  34. If a machine is blocked by a network, we will inform the consumer they have 28 days to get the machine unblocked. Once the machine has been unblocked and the consumer has informed us of this, we will process the sale order as agreed.If the machine is not unblocked, or Money4Machines has not been informed of its unblocking, after 28 days Money4Machines will destroy the machine as obliged by law.
  35. If the machine is registered as stolen or fake Money4Machines will hand the machine over to the relevant authorities along with the consumer account details. Money4Machines reserves the right to retract their privacy policy in the event of receipt of machines that have been registered as stolen.
  36. Sale offers are valid at point of acceptance of offer by the consumer and for 14 days after a confirmation email and letter are sent (as confirmed by Money4Machines and not dependent upon receipt).
  37. For items over the value of £46 (GBP46) we recommend our consumers use registered insured delivery.
  38. Money4Machines accepts no responsibility for any item prior to physical receipt and after return dispatch. This includes but is not limited to damage in transit and non-receipt. Money4Machines issue a bubble envelope, but we do recommend adding additional packaging to ensure the device is well protected in transit.
  39. The payment option cannot be amended once the offer has been accepted. Payment will be made by the method chosen by the consumer at the stage of offer acceptance and within 48 working hours of confirmation of machine receipt. Please allow 72 working hours for bank payment to be confirmed. Any fees for PayPal transactions are the responsibility of the seller.
  40. All payments can only be made to the person, account and address detailed on the original order. No changes to these details will be accepted.
  41. With the exceptions otherwise noted within these terms and conditions, Money4Machines will never share your data with any other party unless explicitly stated.
  42. Money4Machines cannot be held liable or responsible for any events that occur that could be reasonably considered outside of its control that cause delay or failure to perform the contract as stated herein.
  43. Money4Machines only accepts handsets that are intended for use and fully functional within the UK (UK consumer market). We cannot accept devices intended as display / demonstration / testing models.