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Gadget recycling FAQ's

Got a question? Some of the most popular answers are below or visit our FAQ page

Who are Money4Machines?

The Money4Machines team was created to help clear a bit of space in your tech cupboard for new gadgets by offering cash for unused, old electronics.

We're here to make it quick, easy and great for your wallet to sell your unwanted gadgets like used smartphones, tablets, Macbooks, cameras and MP3 players. We also offer a superb laptop trade in service so you can swap sad, slow devices for fast cash!

We buy all sorts of used gadgets, offering top rates that are frequently verified by our ratings on consumer websites like TrustPilot and high rankings on popular gadget comparison websites.

How do I sell my gadget, how does it work?

In a world of annoying forms and complicated screen clutter, we've tried to make it as simple as possible for you to sell your gadgets.

Our homepage has a drop down menu to select your device. Start typing the gadget name and a bunch of options will appear. Choose the right model and we'll offer you a price straight away based on a few assumptions like the fact it's in working order and not damaged.

Once you've accepted the quote, we'll send a free addressed envelope to you within 24 hours so you can send your device to Money4Machines HQ for testing.

When your gadget passes all it's exams, we pay money via your chosen method.

Can I sell a faulty gadget?

We tend to put a hard no on the table with this query for several reasons.

Firstly, there are firms out there that specialise in gadget repair and refurbishment. It's their bread and butter and they're better at it than us, so we recommend using a specialist if you want to sell damaged items.

Secondly, e-waste management is a complex and highly contentious issue. We don't believe ANY electronic device should go into the kitchen bin or to the local tip. Smart devices are packed with hazardous chemicals and valuable precious metals. Only highly trained firms can break down and recycle dangerous components ethically and responsibly.

What happens to my old gadget?

There are two great reasons to sell your old gadgets to Money4Machines– it makes cash for you and it means less electronics end up in the local dump. We're all about taking devices that are in working order and making sure they stay useful for as long as possible.

All gadgets are thoroughly tested by our tech wizards, refurbished and sold on to new, loving, happy homes via our affiliates in the UK and Europe.

By using online and physical affiliate stores across lots of different sectors, we're able to make sure your unwanted devices don't go to waste, which means you get to upgrade without the issue of e-waste weighing on your mind!